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Jordan Malaysia | Creative Finding Jordan Picasso 2019 Kid Winners!

The Finding Jordan Picasso annual art contest by Jordan Oral Care Malaysia has ended on a high, with thirty talented children from all over Malaysia winning attractive prizes worth RM 30,000. 

The two categories included Category A of children between the ages of six and nine, and Category B of children between the ages of ten and twelve.

Sandee Chai, Regional Marketing Manager for Jordan Asia Pacific said, “The Finding Jordan Picasso contest has been running for three years in row. With this year’s theme being ‘My Favourite Food,’ we endeavour to remind children to brush their teeth thirty minutes after each meal.”

In order to participate in the contest, children between the ages of six to twelve were tasked to create art pieces depicting their favourite meals using non-digital mediums, with some going as creative as using recycled materials to build a delicious looking art piece. 

Sandee said, “A part of Jordan’s philosophy is sustainable living as we are 100 per cent Eco at Heart. Using recycled materials in the children’s art pieces definitely deserves a thumbs up from us!”

Deputy Head of Mission at the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Erlend Sannes Hadland, who was also present at the event said, “Encouraging and nurturing creativity is important in a child’s development. Art is a form of self-expression, and a form of communication.” 
He continued, “I am happy that Jordan has been encouraging creativity in children through their Finding Jordan Picasso contest. This year’s food-related theme which comes with a reminder to brush your teeth thirty minutes after a meal further enforces Jordan’s commitment to both dental hygiene and fostering the love of art in children.”

8-year old Ivy Sam was happy to have won the Grand Prize in Category A. Her mother, Win Chong said, “My children have joined in many competitions and this is the first time any one of them have won. We, as a family, as truly excited and very happy for Ivy. In fact, all my children are even more excited to join in more competitions now and I will always provide them with my support.” Ivy’s art piece was a bowl of spaghetti.

12-year old Chong Poh Yi, the grand prize winner in Category B said, “I am very happy and excited for my prizes and this gives me encouragement to join in more competitions!” Her art piece was a sushi set.

The day did not only put smiles on the faces of the winners of the Finding Jordan Picasso contest, but also on the faces of 15 underprivileged children from Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah
Jordan Oral Care Malaysia had treated the children to a healthy and hearty meal, on top of teaching them about the importance of oral hygiene and distributing a full set of oral care items to each child during the event.

The winners of the Finding Jordan Picasso contest were:

Category A (Children ages six to nine)
Grand Prize : Ivy Sam San Yi (8)
First Prize : Muhammad Amnan Mohd Farid (9)
Second Prize : Setor Zi Cheng (7)
Consolation Prize : Aisyah Nur Zahrah (7), Chow Jane Xuan (9), Elijah Devin Francis (7), Goh Huei Han (7), Hadz Aaron Bin Modh Haniff (8), Jayden Lim Hanjay (9), Lee Jia En (8), Nursafiyyah Binti Muhamad Syariffuddin (9), Sabreena Maryam Bt Anuar (7), Teesha A/P Nantha Kumar (7), Al-Arfan Bin Al Aza Asham (8) and Ho Ee Sheng (9).

Category B (Children ages ten to twelve)
Grand Prize : Chong Poh Yi (12)
First Prize : Ho Xing Bei (11)
Second Prize : Iffah Raihannah Binti Iskandar Fairuz (9)
Consolation Prize : Chin Hay Ly (10), Clarence Foong Jun Heng (12), Janessa Cheah Zi Yi (11), Liew Wei Teng (12), Muhammad Roslan Bin Che Rose (12), Phua Jun Chuan (11), Qaysara Zulfaa Ezzehra (10), Setor Ying Er (10), Tan Chee Yan (11), Wafir Wajdie Bin Burhanuddin (10), Chew Yu Qi (11) and Irdina Saffiyah Bt Azizul Azham (12).

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Jordan Green Clean Toothbrush Made With Purpose | 100 Per Cent Recycled Plastic ! Go Green !

Jordan Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. launched their Green Clean campaign at Me.reka Makerspace, Publika Shopping Gallery today, as part of their efforts to raise the awareness on the 3R concept: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The event was attended by the Ambassador of Norway to Malaysia, Her Excellency Ms. Gunn Jorid Roset, and officiated by the Director General of the Department of Environment (DOE), Malaysia, Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Kamarulnajuib bin Che Ibrahim. 

The event also saw the attendance of environmental non-governmental organisations as a show of support for Jordan’s Green Clean initiative.

The Green Clean campaign is expected to run from April to December in different phases, expected to be revealed later. Eric Yong, Country Manager of Jordan Asia Pacific said, “Recognising the need to raise the awareness on the 3Rs in Malaysia, we aim to work with our eco-partners to share as much information to the public through the help of our media colleagues over the course of this campaign.” 

Sharing a ‘sneak preview’ of what is to come in the next phase, Eric said, “We will be rolling out an old toothbrush collection drive and when that takes place, we hope to get as much support from the Malaysian public as possible.”

Speaking at the event were Professor Dr. P. Agamuthu, a Professor at the University of Malaya, as well as International Advisory Board Member of the Society of Solid Waste Management Experts in Asia and Pacific Islands, and William Koong, the Chief Executive Officer of Biji-Biji Initiative, a leading social enterprise which champions sustainable living, reusing wastes creatively, and collaborative production using discarded materials.

According to Professor Dr. P. Agamuthu, there were approximately 14 million tonnes of municipal solid wastes generated in Malaysia in 2019, or 40,000 tonnes a day, and the overall recycling rate that year was 17.5 per cent. He also shared that plastic was the second highest household waste at 13.2 per cent, behind food waste which comprised of 44.5 per cent household waste composition in 2017.

Professor Dr. P. Agamuthu said, “Malaysia aims to become a zero-waste nation and that is where 3R comes in. In order to reduce the generation of wastes, we need to Reuse, Recycle and Compost most of what is thrown away. Unfortunately, the current uptake of 3R is minimal as a majority of municipal solid wastes are sent to landfills.” He continued, “3R is important to avoid the mining and extraction of new materials, to reduce demands on natural resources, to reduce carbon and other emissions, for waste reduction, and to reduce the usage of non-renewable energies. In order to successfully implement 3R in Malaysia, participation of all stakeholders is crucial.”

Sharing his knowledge on plastic recycling, William added, “Plastics are classified into seven different categories and not all of them are recyclable. In fact, some plastics produce hazardous materials after being reused multiple times or if being put under extreme conditions. 

It is therefore important to reduce plastic usage and to avoid single-use plastics.” He continued, “Plastic recycling plays a part in providing a source of sustainable raw materials while reducing the impact to the environment and landfill problems.”

Her Excellency Ms. Gunn Jorid Roset also shared information on Norway’s efforts in plastic recycling. She said, “97 per cent of plastic bottles in Norway are recycled. This being the outcome of our nationwide bottle deposit scheme.” She added, “Plastic producers also play a part in improving plastic recycling in Norway. They are incentivised with zero taxation on Environmental Tax if they achieve a collective recycling target of 95 per cent.”

Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Kamarulnajuib said, “The 3Rs are the cornerstone to becoming a zero-waste nation and this cannot be achieved overnight. Everyone plays a part in the efforts to becoming a sustainable nation. From separating your household wastes, to manufacturing fully recycled products for consumption, it is crucial for us to start being ‘Eco at Heart’.

“It is also important for us to look at another R, which is “Replace”. Manufacturers and importers need to look into alternatives which are friendly to the environment and safe to use. 

Consumers also need to be discerning when purchasing consumables and equip themselves with the knowledge on which products are eco-friendlier as compared to others.” he continued.

During the launch, Jordan introduced the Green Clean Toothbrush, which Jordan says is their greenest toothbrush ever. Sandee Chai, Jordan Asia Pacific’s Regional Brand Manager said, “At our core, we are 100 per cent Eco at Heart. 

Designed by renowed interior designer, Andreas Engesvik, the product’s functional design combined both beauty and sustainability in one eco-friendly Green Clean toothbrush.” She continued, “Made of 100 per cent recycled plastic, with 100 per cent bio-based bristles, and packaged in a 100 per cent green packaging, the Green Clean toothbrush has given materials a new life and has enabled the minimising of resource use, which is in line with our 3R philosophy.”

Jordan Green Clean toothbrushes can be purchased at selected pharmacies and supermarkets in major cities around Malaysia, at an introductory price of RM7.90. What are you waiting for? Start living ‘Green Clean’ today! Made with Purpose.

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Gum Health Check With Systema's Gumbatte Awareness Campaign!

In conjunction of Systema Malaysia Gumbatte Towards 1 Million Gum Health Checks awareness and education campaign 2019, Mouse mommy and MR also support this Systema Gum Health Check campaign to bring education and awareness among the Malaysians!

Do you have gum disease problem? Are you among the 94% of Malaysian adults with gum disease[1]? If you are unsure, visit for a free online assessment that can help you achieve healthy gum and teeth for life.

The free gum health check website is part of Systema’s Gumbatte Towards 1 Million Gum Health Checks awareness and education campaign 2019, a collaboration with the Malaysian Dental Association.

The campaign aims to help Malaysians achieve better oral health outcomes with the ultimate goal of motivating more people to retain 20 of their natural teeth when they are 60 years and above[2]  so that they can enjoy better health expectancy, in line with the Ministry of Health’s goals.

The ambitious Gumbatte campaign plays on the Japanese motivational cry of ‘Ganbatte’ that means ‘you can do it’ as a rallying call to get Malaysians to take charge of their gum health and reach the 1 million gum health checks figure.

The campaign was launched by Dr. Norliza bt Mohamed, Acting Principal Director of Oral Health, in conjunction with National Oral Health Day at the 1 Utama Mall in Bandar Utama.

According to Dr Norliza, oral health is often perceived as being less important than general health but t his neglect must stop due to the seriousness of the issue. She pointed out that poor oral health is often associated with other health problems.

“Research studies show corelations between gum disease and heart disease, diabetes, and most recently Alzheimer’s disease. These are life-threatening diseases and if early detection and treatment of gum disease can lower these corelations we should explore it.”

She said that Systema’s Gumbatte campaign was on the right track with its emphasis on online gum health checks as the majority of Malaysians, even in rural areas get their information online.

“The Gumbatte Towards 1 Million Gum Health Checks campaign can help the Ministry of Health Oral Care Division educate more people on the critical need for better gum care and oral health quickly, and with immediate results.”

Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Senior General Manager, Ms Carmen Foo highlighted Systema’s social purpose of creating higher awareness of oral health because strong teeth begins with healthy gums. Systema is a core brand of Lion Corporation, Japan and has an oral care heritage of over 120 years gleaned from working with dental professionals, health policy makers, scientists and researchers.

The Systema Anti-Plaque System combines the Systema Advance Anti-Plaque toothpaste to break down plaque and kill harmful bacteria even within gum pockets, and the Systema 0.02mm tapered bristles toothbrushes to aid in the physical removal of plaque even from hard-to-reach places between teeth, along the gum line and inside gum pockets. Now, we have the solution ready. Therefore, it is time to raise awareness of gum disease as it is the foundation of healthy gums and teeth for life. This is why we introduced the Gumbatte Towards 1 Million Gum Health Checks campaign – to build the self-awareness needed for positive change,” Ms Foo said.

Malaysians get much of their information from social media. This is why we are working with entertainment and social media power couple Wawa Zainal and Aeril Zafrel to viralise the campaign. We believe that through this strategy, the importance of having gum health checks can reach more people and inspire them to take action for better oral health,” she added.

Actor Aeril Zafrel was shocked by the high rates of gum disease among Malaysians. “Being in the entertainment industry or any customer facing industry, having good personal hygiene including oral hygiene is a must. I hadn’t realised the extent of the gum disease problem among us. I feel compelled to share this information because it can make a difference especially given the link between gum disease and heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. All of us should head to to assess our gum health.”

Systema also pledged 10,000 trial tubes of Systema Advance Anti-Plaque Toothpaste and 10,000 Systema 0.02mm tapered bristles toothbrushes in support of the nationwide outreach program.

Actress and entrepreneur Wawa Zainal was equally motivated to be an oral health awareness enabler. “Gum disease is a health issue of national importance. If we can get more people to take better care of their gums by using an anti-plaque toothpaste and toothbrush system that can help to improve quality of life it is a move in the right direction for our nation.”

Malaysian Dental Association, President Elect, Dr Leong Kei Joe shared that reducing the incidence of gum disease in Malaysia needs to start with an overhaul in the perception of gum disease. He praised the campaign to address gum disease.

“There is a serious lack of awareness of gum disease and its potential to impact quality of life, and its link to other major diseases. Too many of us accept the signs of gum disease such as bleeding when brushing as normal. Malaysians need to recognise the signs and symptoms of gum disease so that they know when something is wrong and can seek help. Take control of your oral health visit to assess your gum health status, and if needed visit your dentist for treatment.”

He said that members of the Malaysian Dental Association will be providing free gum health check in support of the campaign, and recommended that everyone visit their dentist at least twice a year.

Be among the first 1 million to assess your gum health check online at for healthy teeth and gums for life.

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[1] Oral Health Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia. National Oral Health Survey of Adult 2020 (NOHSA). November 2013. pg.181.
[2] Oral Health Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia (2011). National Oral Health Plan for Malaysia 2011-2020. Pg. 12

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