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Jom #BackToSchool With Faber-Castell Malaysia Stationery Bus!

It is Time To #BackToSchool! Faber-Castell Malaysia launched its Back-to-School Bus with the NEW Slim-Flexi Case 36 & 48 Classic Colour Pencils in conjunction with its Back-to-School Campaign that is happening now until early January 2019. 

The Faber-Castell Malaysia Back-to-School Bus, which will be stationed at all leading bookstores, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide draw customers with its latest product innovations and attractive displays.

Complemented with eye-catching 3D components, the Back-to-School school bus features a variety of Faber-Castell’s latest stationery products and promotional packs which are value for money. 

It further excites and amazes consumers with its main product highlights – namely the Slim-Flexi Case 36 & 48 Classic Colour Pencils that are showcased alongside stunning samples of colouring pieces produced using Faber-Castell’s colour pencils.   

Mouse mommy was glad that got the opportunity to Know-How to assemble and disassemble a Faber-Castell Air Gel Pen!

Put in the Faber-Castell Corrector Refill in simple way - Open, click, remove and put in. Easy!

How to use Faber-Castell Creative Tack-It to form Christmas tree,  and so on. Interesting media sharing session!

Love the Faber-Castell Tri-Grip 2B Pencil that ergonomic features that allow children easy to grip and hold the pensil appropriately. The extra dark exam grade 2B pencils ideal for students to write and for exam use.

“The specially designed Faber-Castell Back-to-School Bus is an attestation of the brand’s commitment to be innovative in offering consumers a unique shopping experience. With the Faber-Castell Back-to-School Bus launched, we aim not only to introduce Faber-Castell’s latest product innovations, but we also hope to enliven the mood of consumers in preparation for the start of a new school year,” said Ivy Leong, Faber-Castell Malaysia Marketing Manager at the unveiling of the Faber-Castell Malaysia Back-to-School Bus and the launching of the Slim-Flexi Case 36 & 48 Classic Colour Pencils.

The NEW Faber-Castell Slim-Flexi Case 36 & 48 Classic Colour Pencils are designed with inner grooves to help ensure that the colour pencils are well aligned and neat during storage

In addition, its slim and compact case minimizes storage space (i.e. school bags) which enables it to be carried and used anywhere at the user’s convenience.

“The Faber-Castell’s latest packaging design for its wide range of colour pencils (i.e. 12, 24, 36 & 48 colours), aims to improve user experience - be it at school or for leisure purposes. We are confident that with this new Slim-Flexi Case, which is compact, flexible and slim, consumers especially school children are perked up to carry it around and thereafter enjoy the pleasures of creative painting and drawing using Faber-Castell colour pencils,” added Leong.  

Faber-Castell’s star product includes the Air Gel Pen that is equipped with both fast-dry and extra-soft grip features (refer to Faber-Castell Fact Sheet for more info). 

Other latest product innovations that are made available include the Stamp Markers (6 & 10 colours), Sharpeners (UFO, Panda Table Top & Bear Table Top), Mechanical Pencils (Shark & Bubble), Erasers (Seaworld), Ball Pens & Gel Pens (WinBall, Eco Gel & Super Clip Gel), Whiteboard Marker Refill and Highlighter (Textliner 18). Faber-Castell stationery products are priced from RM1.30 onwards. More photos can click here to view

In conjunction with the Back-to-School Campaign, Faber-Castell Malaysia is organising the ‘Spot, Snap & Win’ contest that is ongoing now until January 6th, 2019. 

Be among the 40 winners to walk away with RM150 cash reward and Faber-Castell products worth RM80 together with a box of personalised Slim-Flexi Case 48 Classic Colour Pencils

All you need to do is to snap a creative photo with any Faber-Castell Back-to-School Bus display and upload it on Facebook together with the hashtag #FaberCastellBacktoSchool.

Meanwhile in celebrating the brand’s 40 years milestones in Malaysia, Faber-Castell Malaysia has also announced its embarkment on a CSR programme that involves giving away a year’s supply of stationery products to children of 40 underprivileged homes nationwide. Thank you Faber-Castell Malaysia!

Faber-Castell Malaysia’s 40 years of success would not have been realised without the support of the public. Hence, we always believe in giving back to society. By providing the finest quality stationery products to the underprivileged children, Faber-Castell Malaysia hopes to uplift the spirit of the underprivileged children whilst jazzing up their desks for the upcoming school semester,” added Leong.    

Happy schooling students!

Interested to get more information about Faber-Castell Malaysia Back-to-School Campaign and 2018 CSR programme,

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White Shoe OR Black Shoe For Students In Year 2019?

MR is going to standard one next year in 2019! Mouse mommy is start preparing all the school necessary items for him such as school bag, stationery, school shoe, school uniform, water bottle and so on.

Should I buy white or black school shoe for MR? Mouse mommy was wondering as in got parents told mouse mommy that still can wear white shoe, some parents told me that is already practice to wear black shoe.

Mouse mommy go figure out which one is the correct info. As a result, black school shoe will only be enforced in the beginning of year 2021. 

Great! Then mouse mommy can buy white school shoe for MR! As in no matter white or black school shoe, mouse mommy do prefer white school shoe for kids.

The reason behind of it is mouse mommy found that black school shoe would be very difficult to detect the dirt level. Therefore, children tend to overlook the personal hygiene issue and might results in skin disease for long term. 

To be truth that even mouse mommy will less clean up my black shoe compare with lighter colour shoe that I can “see” the dirt level.

Those days my childhood schooling time, my mom bought me Pallas white school shoe and mouse mommy got to wash, clean up, put instant shoe white around the shoe and dry it under the sun. 

This is part of my weekly chores that I take charge and responsible to it.

Besides that, white shoe also good in heat dispersion especially suitable to wear in our hot and humid weather in Malaysia. Hehe…, it also reduce the possibilities attack by mosquito bites.

Mouse mommy is searching via online and found that Pallas also got online shop with proper foot measurement. Quite surprised that nowadays Pallas got so many design of school shoes available for students! 

Those day my time only got a few designs, but the Pallas school shoe really long lasting and comfortable to wear and taking care of my feet throughout my schooling time. 

MR is an active boy and loves to join outdoor activities. Mouse mommy has surf through the list and likes the Pallas Jazz Single Velcro Strap 205-0181 with Velcro strap design that easy for MR to wear his own shoe. 

Love this white school shoe with “superlight” weight feature and allow MR to move around easily!

The unique mesh design of the school shoe promotes good ventilation, quick dry and give cooling effect to the student’s feet. Ventilation system that able to keeps children’s feet breathing during their prolonged hours in school. 

Cool invention and research to improve the student school shoe features!  

Glad that MR loves his new Pallas Jazz school shoe! Mouse mommy is also happy that the foam lining around the Pallas shoe able to protect MR’s feet and comfortable for him. More photos can click here to view.

Happy schooling MR! 

Interested to get to know more about Pallas Malaysia,
Online Foot Measurement Guide:
Online Shop :

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Edutainment "Real-Life" Role Play Jobs In KidZania Kuala Lumpur For Kids!

Play is a nature characteristic of a child. Kids role-playing are a game in which the participants assume the roles of characters and collaboratively create stories.

Mouse mommy loves to bring along MR and baby MH to KidZania Kuala Lumpur as in KidZania is a safe place that allow kids to play, explore, experiment, experience and Learn Life Today! Besides that, parents and kids also welcome to participate together in some of the parents-welcome-activities. This is able to promote parents-kids bonding moments.

One of the MR’s favourite KidZania role-play job is to be a policeman. As a policeman, MR got to learn the importance of teamwork and obey to the commands in order to get the task done successfully.

A group of KidZ policeman has to brief by the Policeman officer on the task that required to take charge of the crowd to avoid any others people to go into the fire and danger area. 

KidZ policeman are required to be alert at all time and responsible on duty.

In the fire incident happen area, fireman team also come to rescue the building. Therefore, cooperation between policeman and fireman are very important in order to make rescue smoothly. 

Glad that MR got the messages and be a responsible and cooperative KidZ policeman on duty whenever dealing with peer or friends. More photos click here to view.

The beauty of role-play activities are to determine the actions of the KidZ based on the situation they are in. Regardless the action is succeed or fail, it forms a system of rules and guidelines to apply in the future whenever they face the same issue. 

It is truly an individual personalized experience for the kids, encouraging KidZ to try new things and be creative with the role they are playing.

Once home, MR and baby MH will form their own team to be the policeman. Ops! Mouse mommy will be tagged by them as wanted person and start fired me! Oh my dear boys!

Mouse mommy is blessed that MR and baby MH were very helpful in doing house chores and help out mommy! MR and baby MH are happily helping mouse mommy to sweep the floor, throw rubbish and re-arrange the shoes nicely.

Glad that MR and baby MH are able to apply the skills that they have learnt in KidZania Kuala Lumpur and applied in their daily life too! Truly Learn Life Today!

Being a caring society, mouse mommy always emphasizes that care is very important to form a better world. We got to always think to care about our community, people and environment and act to it.

Glad that KidZania Kuala Lumpur creates a caring environment for kids too! MR learns how to take care of a baby gently in nursery establishment in the KidZania KL. 

He learns to bath, clean up poo poo, put on lotion, change diaper, wraps the baby properly and feed the baby too! Thanks the nurses patiently demo and allow the kids to perform the tasks by themselves.

At home, MR also takes up the responsibility to be a big brother to take care of baby MH, although sometimes got fighting as well. Haha! This is sibling-life moment. 

Baby MH also always thinks and cares about his brother. Whenever there is food, baby MH will for sure to share with brother MR as well. Sweetie boy of MH!

As a mom, mouse mommy was blessed to have MR and baby MH to explore, experiment and experience our daily life together! More photos can click here to view. 

We are happy to Learn Life Today at KidZania Kuala Lumpur. Ops! Not forget mouse papa too that always support us when we are in need. Muahs with Love from all of us…

For more exciting activities and events details at KidZania Kuala Lumpur,
KidZania Careline : 1300 13 KIDZ (5439) from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm ( Monday to Sunday )

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