Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer | Multipurpose Home Use Sterilizer

Mouse mommy’s hospital is autoclave sterilize medical devices everyday. Thinking of having one sterilizer at home too!

Happy to review this Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer that is light in weight 2.02kg, portable and able to sterilize in home base. Before this, mouse mommy only thought that we can steam or sterilize baby feeding products.

Lunavie Portable UV Sterilizer & Dryer

Never thought of we can sterilize personal care gadget, home use medical items, kid toys and as well as electronic devices

This is very important as in normal wash with soap is unable to kill all germs and bacterial.

This Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer come with 4 functions which is Auto (Sterilize + Dry), Sterilize, Dry and Storage.

As for baby below 2 years old, highly recommended to disinfect all the feeding related products included teat, bottle, bottle cover, pacifier and milk powder bottle too. This is due to baby digestive system is still not yet mature and easily get infected by germs and bacteria.

As for breastfeeding mommies, make sure all the breastmilk storage bottles is sterilize before pump breastmilk and storage to avoid breastmilk contamination. Our breastmilk is high in nutrition, once polluted with some germs and bacteria, it will multiply very fast and contaminated, cannot give it to our babies to drink.

Mouse mommy’s personal experience that my breastmilk on the bra during my confinement duration, the next day, molds growth on my bra at the breastmilk spot region.

Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer : Auto mode ( Sterilize + Dry )

Some breastfeeding mommies also complaint about breast mastitis keep on recurrence, mommies can try to use boiled hot water to pour on the washed clean bra and dry up in the hot sun. 

Can apply the same technique for undergarment too, if you come across any discharge or recurrence disease. Hope helpful tips for mommies.    

Mouse mommy found that top open type of Lunavie Portable UV Sterilizer & Dryer really convenient in handling. The space is also spacious with 7 Liter inner capacity that can load many items inside especially suitable baby and kids feeding bottle that bulky in shape.  

Love the Lunavie Portable UV Sterilizer & Dryer with features of 7-Sided Refraction Sterilization with 7 mirror stainless steel allows the UV to refract 360 degrees without hidden angle.

Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer : Dry mode

Safe Low Temp Drying Technology with low temperature drying that able to prolongs the life cycle of baby feeding items.

The Clean Filter Technology can effectively filter 99.7% barrier from outside hazardous substances.

With the use of Philips UltraVoilet (UV ) Light can disinfection up to 99.9% of germs, bacterial, molds and viruses.

Germs Free Up To 72 Hours With Storage Mode Activated. Every 2 hours UV Sterilizer will be activated for 2 minutes till maximum of 72 hours.  

Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer : Storage mode

Mouse mommy has make a video review and uploaded to YouTube. Hope helpful guidance for mommies!

Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer : Sterilize mode

It can disinfection up to 99.9% of germs, bacterial, molds and viruses, even at home! Especially good to avoid cross infection or recurrence disease happen at home! Recommended.

Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer 

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  1. The 4 functions which is Auto (Sterilize + Dry), Sterilize, Dry and Storage is really going to make easier dan not wasting time. Such a good sharing and one day will look forward for this kinf of stuff.

  2. every mom should have this. biasa i rendam air panas je. memang tahu tak cukup sterile. rasanya boleh beli ni.

  3. Wow. Also can sterilize cosmetic tools and personal care gadgets. Now all houses should have this so we can give cleaner and healthier

  4. Seriously I really need this! Dah lama survey tapi tak terbeli lagi. Memang menarik function UV sterilizer ni. Confirm kuman dalam botol susu semua hilang!

  5. ni baru betul-betul penjagaan maximum untuk kids. Biasa guna air panas dan perlu sental betul2 bekas dan botol budak. Lebih mudah la keje dan pasti selamat sebab dah disteril dengan lengkap.

  6. wow this is worthwhile to get it. and i am in love with it. Sterilize everything is good!

  7. first time tau ada produk macam ni. memang keperluan sekarang ni untuk keselamatan dan kebersihan. Nanti nak recommend lah untuk kakak saya. thanks share ya.

  8. Memang memerlukan ni..bagus ada uv sterilizir ni..baru rasa penjagaan botol anak tu betul bersih dan selamat..bestnyaa..

  9. Bagusnye sterilizer ni. Mudah dan macam-macam boleh steril guna lunavie ni

  10. Now mom life can be so easy with the help of this kind of product. No need to boil the water any more. Look so convenience ya.

  11. suka lah design produk ni, nampak futuristik gitu. rasa nak beli satu untuk sterilekan barang anak2

  12. canggihnya. memang kalau bab jaga barang baby sebaiknya kena extra care sebab nak jaga kebersihan semua tu

  13. Bagus untuk kebersihan barangan anak-anak terutama botol susu dan benda-benda yang suka diletakkan kedalam mulut. Sis masa anak kecil dulu pun selain bersihkan dengan air memang sis gunakan sterilizer jugak

  14. Bestnya ada sterilizir ni.Untuk steril toys budak2 ada tak?
    Sebab skrg mcm perlu jugak utk toys anak2Kadang2 diorg sumbat je dlm mulut.

  15. Wowww.. Menarik ni.. Mahal tak babe? Kalau bf mom yg working I rasa ni satu keperluan dah... Senang sekali sterile n dry terus kan.. Tak yah pikir2 pasak hygiene issues dah

  16. produk ni memang bagus terutama buat ibu-ibu yang mempunyai anak kecil. kita boleh pastikan barang yg digunakan oleh anak kita adalah bebas daripada bakteria.

  17. Setiap ibu harus memiliki alatan seperti ini.. Barulah rasa yakin terhadap kebersihan n tiada masalah jangkitan bakteria kan.. 😍 😍 😍

  18. If you have small children then this sterile equipment is very useful and it helps to clear the bacterias.

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