Happy Family Lunch At Golden Valley | Malaysian Chinese Halal Cuisine

Last weekend, mouse mommy bring along family to have lunch at a new restaurant at Melawati Mall, Kuala Lumpur - Golden Valley.

Golden Valley is serving good seafood and Malaysian Chinese Halal Cuisine. Happy to know that is a halal Chinese restaurant. As in, my malay buddies always wanna look for nice yummy Chinese Halal food. This is the place! 

As in, easy to find a delicious Chinese non-halal restaurant. But, very difficult to find a HALAL yet delicious Chinese food.

The waitress of Golden Valley are friendly with smiley face! We are feeling welcoming. 

Mouse mommy also likes the restaurant ambient and design that is modern feel with Chinese art decoration.

MR was ordered fresh orange juice that is fresh with real oranges. Mouse mommy and family loves the Chrysanthemum tea in a pot that giving a nice aroma of Chrysanthemum!  

We are ordered Salted Egg Yolk Crab, Kung Po Chicken Yam Basket, Seafood and Sweet Corn Soup, Fish Maw and Seafood Broth, Murray Perch in Sweet & Sour, De-Shelled Prawns Butter Oats, Salted Egg Yolk Squid, Lotus Roots With Mixed Nuts, Lotus Seed Paste Pancake and Ginger Soup Tong Yuen.

Must Order the Salted Egg Yolk Crab that is specially air flown from Indonesia! Mouse mommy especially love dishes that cook in salted egg yolk style. 

The size of the crab is big and fully coated with salted egg yolk. The claw meat is thick when mouse mommy pull out. Fresh and juicy! Highly recommended.

Ops! Plate cleared! Yummy Salted Egg Yolk Crab!

My mom loves Kung Po Chicken Yam Basket and ordered for her. The yam paste basket is smooth and crispy. Just nice to eat together with the Kung Po Chicken in the basket inside. 

Elderly Chinese uncle aunt always love enjoying eating this Kung Po Chicken Yam Basket in the Chinese restaurant.

Murray Perch in Sweet & Sour is crispy with its thick sweet and sour sauce is nice to eat together with rice.

De-Shelled Prawns Butter Oats is fresh and large prawn in size, sprinkle with generous portion of Oats. 

Salted Egg Yolk Squid is one of mouse mommy’s favourite foodies too! Yummy!

Lotus Roots With Mixed Nuts is a dish that stir fried lotus root with nuts. MR loves the lotus root and only pick the lotus root to eat. Haha… cheeky boy. More photos can click here to view

In Chinese Cuisine, soup is a must. Seaweed and Seafood Soup is suitable for children, MR likes it and finish the whole bowl. 

Fish Maw and Seafood Broth is nice to drink, not salty and healthy soup.

As for our dessert time, Lotus Seed Paste Pancake with smooth and soft lotus paste inside and crunchy outer layer. Love to eat it and not oily! 

Ginger Soup with Black Sesame Tong Yuen is also yummy!

A nice lunch gathering with family at Golden Valley!

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3- Golden Valley,  halal seafood restaurant at Melawati Mall
4- Harley's, a no frills all natural Burger and fried chicken cafe at DC Mall, Damansara Heights and Third Avenue, Cyberjaya

Hope that you have a nice food gathering with family and friends too!

Interested to get to know more about Golden Valley,
Address : Melawati Mall, Lot 18 & 19, Level 3, Taman Melawati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Customer Service : +603-4161 3328

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