20 Exclusive Natural Brands At Guardian Malaysia | Go Natural | Live Healthy | Live Beautiful !

April is Guardian Malaysia’s ‘LET’S GO NATURAL’ month in all stores.  Customers can get great deals and savings up to 50% for products such as skin care, cosmetics, hair care, oral care, bath care and health care that contain nature-friendly ingredients.

In conjunction with the ‘Let’s Go Natural’ fair in its stores, Guardian organized a ‘Let’s Go Natural’ expo featuring 20 nature friendly brands in Petaling Jaya.

Mr DY Cho, Marketing Director, Health and Beauty, South East Asia, Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd shares with us that the importance of Live Healthy, Live Beautiful with Guardian Malaysia! He said,

“Central to Guardian’s brand philosophy is the concept of Healthy Beauty.  To our customers, Health and Beauty are interlinked. Being beautiful means having both inner and outer beauty and the key is that good health is the root of true beauty.  If you are Healthy on the inside, you will be a Beauty on the outside.”

There are many EXCLUSIVE Brands that can be found in Guardian Malaysia! Multigrains drink and natural beverages brand booths that is PATH TO SHINE FROM WITHIN which emphasizes Healthcare or Health from within.  

Many brands nowadays also lead the consumers towards FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH & LASTING BEAUTY which emphasizes Skincare and Cosmetics.

Physical care and hygiene also important to taking care YOUR BODY, YOUR SANCTUARY with emphasis on Personal Care.

Mr DY Cho is proud to announce that some product variants on display today are EXCLUSIVE to Guardian and there are some product variants that are NEW to the market.

This is our commitment to our Malaysian customers to bring in Brands that are customers want and brands which are setting the latest trends for the global health and beauty market.  

He added being NATURAL is also an important component to being a Healthy Beauty. 

“Products that have natural ingredients are also in demand and I am proud that we have nature-friendly brands and products that are exclusive to Guardian.  This is our commitment to our Malaysian customers to bring in Brands that our customers want and brands which are setting the latest trends for the global health and beauty market.  

All the 20 brands featured at the expo were innovative brands that incorporate the latest technologies and also have an emphasis on being NATURAL and even ORGANIC in its ingredients to promote Living Healthy and Living Beautiful.

Mouse mommy was exciting to explore, experiment and experience all the natural brands products in the market!

Thanks and appreciate Bee for the nice DIY flower art gift! Mouse mommy love it so much... muahs... Lovely!

Path to Shine From Within :
Mouse mommy spotted natural and organic multigrain products from Biogreen to try out.

Ecolite’s bird nest drinks to nourish and provides collagen to our body. 

Love the aroma and 100% natural ingredients of GoodMorning beverages especially with the sweet potato drink. It is nutritious as breakfast beverage and great for tea break too. 

Kinohimitsu’s natural-based extracts that focus on detox and beauty. Oatgrain 35 is quite unique, as in it is not a normal multigrain beverages, it contains Chinese herbs contents which is consists of 32 types grains and herbs.

Mouse mommy has try out the PS Love NeckHeat, it is sort like a hot pad. I can feel the hot heat immediately once I paste in on my neck and shoulder region and it last for about 6 to 8 hours. 

The PS Love NeckHeat able to provides soothing warm relief to my shoulder region.

Fountain of Youth and Everlasting Beauty :
A’kin natural skincare products designed to nourish the skin.

Garden of Eden that contain essential oil (EO) really catch mouse mommy’s eyes. There have a range of products that suitable for oily and dry skin. Worth to try it out!

AprilSkin is a natural skincare and cosmetics brand. Mouse mommy has try out the AprilSkin Pumpkin Relaxing Cooling Cream, it contains powerful antioxidants vitamin A, C and more than 100 beneficial nutrients that can help reverse signs of aging.

Love the super-cooling feeling that can reduces swelling and soothes tensed skin. It has a blue thermometer sticker indicates optimal temperature for cooling effect when we put in refrigerator. 

Perfect to use AprilSkin Pumpkin Relaxing Cooling Cream as sleeping mask. Mouse mommy can feel and smell the sweetness of the pumpkin. A natural pumpkin aroma and nutritious to my skin too! Love it!

Dr Buds Organics haircare series help to solve hair and scalp conditions with its natural ingredients.   

Have you try out botanical and vitamin infused cosmetics – Palladio

Palladio cosmetics products are antioxidants such as Ginseng, Green Tea, Gingko Biloba, Vitamin E and natural humectants and skin soothers such as Aloe Vera and Chamomile that exclusively available at Guardian Malaysia.

Essano is a beauty product that is certified organic by Ecocert and environmental friendly especially the serum. 

Inecto natural coconut shampoo and argan oil hair oil is a perfect treat for damaged and dull hair. 

Palmers’s Coconut Water Hydrating Facial Mask instantly boost hydration, replenishing and restoring skin’s radiant glow.

Your Body, Your Sanctuary :

Botaneco Garden haircare and body care products are natural with botanical ingredients. Love the nice packaging and its work to taking care our personal hygiene.

Pantene Pro-V Micellar shampoo and conditioner are able to total cleaning our scalp and nourish with plant-based Pro-V nutrients blends. Mouse mommy loves this Pantene Pro-V Micellar haircare range. 

Love Beauty and Planet with coconut water and mimosa flower shampoo and conditioner is a naturally derived ingredient with organic coconut oil, no parabens, no silicones. Do you know that the bottle is made from 100% recycled material?

Smelly-No-More deodorant from Total Image is able to eliminate body odour effectively by using pure and natural mineral salts.

Splat toothpaste is natural, fluoride-free and edible toothpaste that suitable for children to adult.

Sunsilk Natural new products also come with micellar content that able to total cleaning on the scalp with natural ingredients. Sunsilk Coconut Hydration is suitable for all hair types that is moisturizing and hydrating.

Dove Botanical Selection is 100% nature-derived botanical oils for damage repair and prevention.

A nice evening spends together with Guardian Malaysia and all the vendors to get to know more about the natural products. All natural products here are available at Guardian Malaysia. 

Happy day, Healthy lifestyle! May you have a Happy Earth Day everyday!

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  1. BBL memang pakai a few produk guardian especially losen badan tu. setakat ni memang ngam dengan kulit badan. mungkin sebab natural ingredient kan

    1. Ya, produk yang jenis bahan semulajadi tu biasanya sesuai untuk semua orang termasuk kanak-kanak dan juga orang yang berkulit sensitif. Selamat digunakan jugak.

  2. Bestnya kalau dapat pegikan. Tapi tulah. Banyak saja aral melintang dia. Honestly,onie memang pentingkan produk yg selamat dari bahan kimia. But congrats too Guardian.

    1. Lepas ni Onie boleh shopping kat Guardian dah, mcm mcm Natural dan jugak Organik produk ada kat Guardian!

  3. me also use and sell natural product; Tasneem Naturel.

    Check it out

    1. Ok, thank you for the info. Have you try out Garden of Eden products? It contains Essential Oil (EO) in the product itself, mouse mommy has try it out and love it! Garden of Eden have many different combination of EO that caters for different skin type.

  4. Wah bestnya event ni. Macam ada banyak workshop je. Boleh tau banyak produk lagi kan. Guardian pun salah drusgtore favorite I jugak.

    1. There are 20 Brands showcase on the event day, mouse mommy can directly consult the vendor and happy that can ask directly if there is any query. One of the botanical and vitamin infused cosmetics products is Palladio. Sounds cool, right? You may check out at Guardian Malaysia!

  5. wahhhh bestnya Kathy you pergi event guardian nie. dapat cuba dan bawak balik barang2 organik nie. nanti nak tengoklah kat guardian yg berdekatan pasal produk2 nie.

    1. Yup, mmg 'shopping' terus brg2 natural products kat Guardian ni! Zharif berminat produk2 mana ya? Mouse mommy dah cuba ni PS Love punya hot pad, bagus utk melegakan sakit badan, bahu dan juga utk perempuan yang sakit senggugut.

      Mmg PS Love ni punya hot pad bersuhu panas selama 6 jam. Guna masa tidur tu best! Mouse mommy sakit bahu jugak, rasa lega sikit slps guna PS Love hot pad ni. Lepas tu, urut dan tekan triggle point pressure dapat membantu jugak.

  6. Wah banyak prpduk guardian sekarang.. Lama tak shopping kat guardian. .Nak kene lergi terjah la. .Semua barang-baran organik ya.. Bagusla

    1. Happy shopping! Mmg banyak produk yang natural ada sekarang ni kat Guardian! Effektif kesannya dan juga selamat digunakan untuk seisi keluarga :)

  7. Kita jarang masuk guardian. Haritu masuk pun sebab nak cari bio oil je. Tuk parut kesan opration. Lepas ni nak shopping semua kelengkapan kat situ la. Sebab harga pun okay je. Dan selamat penggunaannya..

    1. Semoga sembuh cepat tau. Yup, banyak pilihan dan juga semua kelengkapan ada kat Guardian. Harga pun berpatutan dan selalu ada promosi jugak! Best!

  8. I suka produk2 ni sebab ada antaranya memang organik. And kita tahu keberkesanannya kalau pakai ramuan organik. And skrg sangat mudah nak dapatkannya hanya pergi guardian

    1. Ya, betul tu, dulu nak produk2 yang berunsur natural atau organik, mmg sukar nak dapat. Tak pun, harga mahal sampai tak mampu nak beli. Sekarang ada banyak pilihan produk2 natural dan organik ada kat Guardian Malaysia ni, harga pun berpatutan dan senang didapati. Senang buat kita ni buat pilihan dan pembelian.

  9. Guardian adalah salah satu tempat yang kita percaya untuk beli barang keperluang diri dan juga untuk kesihatan sebab kita yakin produk mereka semua yang terbaik.. Kita suka beli time ada potongan memang murah nak banding dengan kat luar sana...

    1. Sokong! Masa Guardian buat sale, mouse mommy pun serbu jugak dengan famili dan kawan2. Berbaloi dan tak nak ketinggalan. Kadang2 memang stok up barang2 yg biasa guna kat rumah. Senang.

  10. Ada sesetengah produk memang sis beli di guardian. Yang best beli di sana bila ada promosi..lagi lah macam2 sis beli..hehehe. Beli brg2 dr guardian ni kita rasa selamat sb barang2 yg dijual memang swlamat digunakan

    1. Mouse mommy pun yakin dengan produk2 yang dijual di Guardian. Selamat digunakan. Kadang2 ada pertanyaan, mouse mommy terus tanya kat pharmacist sebagai rujukan.