SuperHeroes Parents Seminar - All About Your Baby At University Malaya Medical Centre!

The First Ever Baby Talk – All About Your Baby organized by Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), University Malaya Medical Centre for our superheroes mummies and daddies!

This baby talk will be conducted on 28 October 2017, Saturday from 2pm to 5pm at Auditorium Hall, 13th Floor, South Tower (Menara Selatan), University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC).

Hmm… what we wanted to know as parents? Mouse mommy wants to know how to breastfeed my baby once delivered from labor room. Parenting life was full of challenges, mouse mommy also wanted to learn up how to ’detect’ the abnormal signs or development of baby in order I can react to it as soon as possible.

This is a special seminar that includes first aid for babies and sharing of preemie care that directly from the NICU pediatricians and nurses! 

Mummies and daddies are welcome to participate in this All About Your Baby Talk with seven useful and practical topics with the professional pediatricians and NICU nurses. Door gifts were provided for the parents.

The first topic will talk about how to overcoming the challenges of exclusive breastfeeding. Mummies are welcome to ask 101 questions if there is any query. University Malaya Medical Centre also have a lactation counseling services with free of charge available in the hospital for mummies’ to look for consultation if you have any difficulty or challenge in breastfeeding. Lactation or breastfeeding support hotline is 03-7949 3172 and 03-7949 7656 and located at first floor, Kompleks Wanita dan Kanak-Kanak (KWKK). 

Mouse mommy also one of the breastfeeding peer support at University Malaya Medical Centre, ‘Mutiara Anggun’. Mouse mommy does breastfeeding both kids and continues in workplace. I am happy to help out if mummies encounter any breastfeeding issues as in every individual mummy will be facing different breastfeeding challenges. We did received mummies complaints about breast engorgement, less breastmilk, breastfeeding but baby looks like still hungry and ask for more, breastmilk storage query, breastfeeding practice while in workforce and so on.

The second topic will be touch on the diet during breastfeeding. After that is the complementary feeding: introducing solids. An important topic to educate parents when and what to feed our baby with adequate and balance diet. At the same time, check on is there any allergy reaction from the baby.

Alert topic of red flags of childhood development problems was included in the seminar to guide parents to pick-up any abnormal signs or behavior of the babies.

Special inventions for children – Why, When and How sounds interesting and mouse mommy eager to find out more about this topic! All About Your Baby Talk also teaches the parents in cardiopulmonary resuscitation for babies especially choking while baby feeding.

Baby massage is also one of the subtopic to promote mother baby bonding moments and good for baby health and development. Besides that, there are real life real stories sharing session from preemie parents on tips to take care their precious preemie babies at the end of the programme.   

The registration fee of All About Your Baby seminar for individual is RM30 and for both parents is RM50. Calling all parents to participate to learn up together for our little precious babies

For more information about All About Your Baby, please contact the person incharge,

03-7949 2575

03-7949 2575

03-7949 2575

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