Ruff-Ruff . Tweet . Dave On Board To ZooMoo Astro Ch 619 !

Landing on the channel this month of October 2017 is the brand new programme Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave available everyday on ZooMoo Astro Ch 619 at 11:05am (repeats 3:05pm, 7:05pm and 7:05am).

Ruff-Ruff is a puppy dog who's always running around sniffing out fun things to do. Tweet is a fluffy yellow bird who loves to sing and Dave is a quirky, inventive blue panda. Developed to encourage learning and making choices through the show, the lead characters also act as the three possible answers to each query and game that help the trio decide what to do or how to understand the world around them. Together with Hatty the Hamster, they go on fun-filled adventures in fantastical lands, where they play games and make exciting discoveries.

MR, baby MH and cousin ZY had a fun crepe paper activities together! MR was choose to have Ruff-Ruff as in he likes puppy dog so much!

ZY was choose the Panda Dave while baby MH has the yellow bird cutie Tweet. They are happily got their favourite colours of crepe paper and scrunch it into small ball size and stick it on the character that they choose. A great school holidays activities for the toddlers!  

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