IPC Sweden Concept And Kids Funland Meets Family Needs!

Välkommen means Welcome in Sweden language! Welcome a Happy New Year 2018! This year will be quite a challenging year for everyone and care in our expenses. 

IPC Shopping Centre is a family friendly shopping destination that brings us shopping needs and there are variety of tenants available including fashion, food and beverages, houseware and furnishings, sundry and services, beauty and health, gifts and souvenirs, home and living, sports and equipment, IT and electronics, groceries, books, music and video, children and edutainment and education. All under one roof. Mouse mommy loves it so much as in the place was spacious, clean, children friendly, safe and IPC got family washroom too! 

The family room was specially designed for family with young kids. Mouse mommy can breastfeed baby MH as in clean and comfortable breastfeeding chair with curtain is available. 
Family Room

Breastfeeding corner
Toilet also available that MR can go to the toilet by his own without doubt. Mouse papa was so considerate to change baby MH’s diaper on the diaper changing corner after breastfeeding done. 

Attached toilet

Hot and cold water dispenser
Hot and cold water dispenser available too! Mouse mommy wants to compliment IPC for the thoughtful family room ideas and understand mommies needs. 

Family and ladies parking spots available with assigned security guards for safety reason. Parking guidance systems are available to help u to find empty parking bays quickly and easily. 

Other than that, go green mouse mommy really appreciate IPC Shopping Centre passionate about sustainability with implemented roof solar panels as well as rainwater harvesting. 

IPC Recycling & Buy-Back Centre, opened since June 2009, as a convenient drop-off point for anyone who want to recycleable waste and minimize the impact on Mother Earth.

Ops! There is a “kid’s entrance” at Level G main entrance of IPC Shopping Centre that wants to welcome our young kids to make them feel like this is truly a place for children too! So thoughtful !

Not only that, new Sweden “Funland” with a parents resting area can be found at Level 2 IPC Shopping Centre. Green artificial grasses on the floor with 5 children activities for them to explore and play with friends! 

Young Chefs Academy going to opening soon in this month – January 2018 at 2nd Floor, IPC Shopping Centre. A cooking school created just for kids! Of course, parents are welcome to participate too.

Mouse mommy and children were making our own dessert of Banana Cream Pie. Why there is no oven? How to bake our pie later on? Hmm… mouse mommy was searching for it and caught Chef Rara to ask. Ops! Chef Rara said no oven needed as in this is a special non-bake Banana Cream Pie recipe

Cool! Mouse mommy and kids were eager to make it. To make a Banana Cream Pie, the ingredient that needed for pie crust was 2 marie biscuit or digestive biscuit, a cube of butter (melted) and 2 tablespoon sugar and put in a plastic bag and crumbled it! After that, take it out and press it gentle and tight as pie base. 

After that, we put in chocolate ganache and banana cut in slice to be arrange nicely on the chocolate ganache. 

Then, 2/3 whipping cream with ½ tablespoon sugar was added and need to whip the cream till stiff peak. 

The last step was decoration with whipping cream and chocolate according to our own creativity! 

Done and ready to “eat”! Yum… yum… 

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