A Must Gather Spot At Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Feast! Mom Said.

Gathering always come with good food. We always find a good place to eat with term and condition- to fulfil everyone taste buds as we can, mouse mommy likes udon with vegetables, parents love BBQ fish and seafood, MR likes to have ice cream and waffle and baby MH loves steam bun and steam sweet corn corn. Hmm… the best is we go for steamboat and BBQ!

Mouse mommy and family were having feast at Pak John Steamboat & BBQ as in they serve urban cuisine consists of the most on-trend modern food yet reinvented into magnificent subtle creations that sum up as a one of a kind genre. All in one and suites everyone taste buds! No more arguments on where to go for dining for our family.

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ was located at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, nearby The Symphony Walk. Many food outlets available there, but, Pak John was eye-catching with its varieties of food ranges. We can have steamboat and BBQ at the same time. 

Ops! They are using their own products of CB Surimi series to serve in the restaurant too such as filament crab sticks, yellow stuff fish roll, Thai seafood tofu, vege fish ball and so on. If you likes it, varies of CB Surimi series are available to sell in the supermarket. 

Besides that, many fresh seafood available such as crabs, fish, fish head, lala, octopus, bamboo clams, prawn and so on. My parents love to BBQ the fresh fish fillets and octopus instead of steamboat it as in it tastes nicer. 

They are also having the fish with different dipping sauces such as Thai chili sauce, green chili, garlic, chili with soy sauce.

A wide range buffet of marinated meats, vegetables, mushrooms and surimi were served. No need to worry about run out of stocks as in the friendly waiters was refill it immediately once empty. 

Mouse mommy was happy with the varieties of vegetables to choose from, I love the freshness of the vegetables and mushrooms especially enoki! Yum… yum… perfectly match with BBQ marinated chicken, a nutrition and balance diet!

MR was aiming on his favorite ice cream and waffle. There are 5 types of ice cream available such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. 

Waffle was cook immediately and serves for each time ordering. There are 6 jams available to choose from chocolate, raspberry, peanut, strawberry, butter and kaya. We can even mix and match!

MR was scooping himself chocolate ice cream and ordered a chocolate waffle as his dessert. He was enjoying so much! The waffle was crunchy and nice to eat together with ice cream. Ops! MR was refills another bowl of ice cream too!

Baby MH also enjoy his food... yum... yum...

Free flow drinks available for refill too! Mango juice, ice lemon tea, coffee, tea, soft drinks and so on.  

Baby MH was eager to have his own cutlery set ready to eat dimsum, steam bun and steam sweet corn (his favourite). 

Mouse mommy was putting some butter and salt into the hot steam corn, perfect match and yummy!

Not forget to mention, there are 5 soup bases that we can choose, chicken soup, miso soup, tomyam soup, curry soup and prawn soup. 

We come in family and have to consider the kids, so we choose chicken soup as our soup base and it taste nice. Mouse mommy would loves to have a bowl of udon chicken soup. 

Smoked duck, Abalone slice, Australia beef and New Zealand lamb slice is a must-eat items! Slightly BBQ it will do and dip with my favourite Thai chili sauce with garlic. Delicious!

Last but not least, eventually we are already feeling full. But, must savor the ABC ice kacang, multiple of beans and jelly with sweet corn, brown sugar and rose syrup. Yum... yum... 

Mom said we are going to Pak John Steamboat and BBQ for family gathering during this CNY! Ahha... good suggestion indeed! A great place for family and friends gathering, birthday party or events celebration. 

Pak John Steamboat and BBQ price list included for your reference. Many more photos can click here to view

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