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MR and baby MH loves to take bath and water play. Fun with water is also something that kids look forward to and what better way to have a good time playing with water than during bath time with bath toys. Although toys are seen as fun and games, it is definitely more than that. 

Toys can provide at least some opportunity for children to learn in all developmental areas. It provides opportunities for children to strengthen their physical skills, advance their social and emotional skills and enhance language development.

CARRIE JUNIOR’s range of toiletries are formulated with Fruito–E, a combination of natural fruit extracts rich in nutrients and vitamins to help nourish, moisturise and protect children’s delicate skin and hair. Within CARRIE JUNIOR’s range, there are various choices of fruity scents available to keep children smelling fresh and clean all day long. Carrie Junior cleans gently yet effectively and is suitable for everyday use. Mouse mommy loves the fruity cherry smell and it does not caused eyes irritation to baby MH while he is enjoying his bath. Great!

Setting out to bring splashing happiness to the children, CARRIE JUNIOR designed 6 cute toy figurines called ‘Sukan Ria’ to help develop their imaginative minds. As CARRIE JUNIOR defines the fun of bath time, it also encourages children to learn to embrace the positive value of social interaction as they play with the toys in creative and imaginative ways.  

A total of 6 toy figurines which consists of CARRIE JUNIOR the elephant that loves football, SPEEDY TOMMY the fastest tortoise on the running tracks, TUFFY TEDDY the toughest bear, DRIBBLY MINKY the skilful raccoon in hockey, SMASHY MACKY the agile monkey that returns every shot and a Sports Trophy will each be randomly packed in every 700ml CARRIE JUNIOR product.

Similar to the previous packaging of CARRIE JUNIOR, the new toy collectibles will be hidden in a “secret chamber” which will house the “mystery” collectible toy figurine. The excitement of unravelling the “mystery” toy would encourage kids to explore, to stimulate their curiosity and offer them fun. With the introduction of the new CARRIE JUNIOR Sukan Ria toy collectibles, every bath session will be an adventure for the children as they unleash their imaginative minds.

MR and baby MH got a surprise gift of Sport Trophy toy behind the CARRIE JUNIOR bottle and he loves it! Both MR and baby MH play together and have fun!  

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  1. Seronok nmpak bdak2 ni main air Terasa cam nak join aje haha

    1. ank sy mmg suka main air, tak nak keluar drpd tandas ni. Masa cuti mmg suka bawa diorg pergi tmn air kat sunway lagoon.