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Review : GOO.N Excellent Dry Tape Premium diapers

GOO.N Excellent Dry Tape - S44 and XL30
Mouse mommy was just giving birth and received GOO.N Excellent Dry Tape diapers to used it for my baby. This is my first experience as in I had never used this diaper before for my kids. Lazada was courier the GOO.N Excellent Dry Tape diaper to my doorstep, thanks to Lazada because it makes online shopping become so easy and convenience for me. No more hectic to shop physically with young kid and baby.  

Front view of GOO.N - Love the packaging design and 5x cups of water absorbency & its softness that protect my baby bump.
Once mouse mommy received the GOO.N diapers, I quickly open it and loves the packaging design and its softness of the diapers - must be comfortable wear for my kids especially baby with sensitive skin. The 5x cups water higher absorbency was catching my eyes with its new features of soft and dry sheet. 

Back view of GOO.N - All the great features stated clearly.
There are 5 features of the GOO.N Excellent Dry Tape diaper which are, 

1) Ultra Soft 
- New innovation (3D dot emboss) new surface design with high softness and powerful absorbing qualities through the Liquid Lock System gives the baby a dry and comfortable feel during any type of movement.

2) Firmly Fit
- New elastic tension and high flexibility allows the baby to move freely without irritation.

3) Wetness Sign
- Colour indicator from YELLOW turns BLUE to remind mommy to quickly change the baby's diapers in order to prevent nappy rash. 

4) Adhesive Tape
- New material and shape of adhesive tape to prevents skin irritations after repeated movements and use.

5) Super Dry and High Absorbency
- Super lock system effectively absorbs liquid and prevents it from flowing back through the surface, resulting in the diaper being dry and comfortable for all-day-use. 

My toddler MR wear GOO.N diaper comfortably during his nap.
The size of GOO.N Excellent Dry Tape diaper  was slight bigger than others brand and mouse mommy like it because my kids got no redness line that hurt their skin. 

My baby MH also loves to wear GOO.N Excellent Dry tape diaper. Mouse mommy loves it, baby happily !
Mouse mommy used GOO.N Excellent Dry Tape diaper for MR and baby MH as night diaper and there was no leaking, redness and/or rashes problem at all. The feeling of soft touch and dryness also able to make sure my kids sleep with sweet dream.  

GOO.N Excellent Dry Tape diaper
Wetness Sign - brand new dry diaper in yellow colour line , while wet diaper will turn into blue colour line.

Japan quality GOO.N Baby Wipes with 99% pure water - Moist and soft for baby skin
Had you try out GOO.N baby wipes? Mouse mommy personally loves it too as in the moist and softness of the baby wipes with 99% pure water able to keep my baby's skin in healthy condition without any irritable cause. 

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