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Maideasy I Make Mommy Life Become Easy and Stress Free !

Maideasy is a homegrown Malaysian company that seeks to revolutionize the way we book part-time cleaners. Let’s support local maid service provider. Mouse mommy was amaze with the young adults that willing to participate in “Bibik” cleaning industry as in nowadays many graduates were highly demanding in job requirement.

Maideasy cleaner clean up the kitchen cupboard
Maideasy provides a simple platform for us to book part time cleaners anytime and anywhere from the webpage or mobile device. Maideasy provides dedicated and professional home cleaning cleaners. If there is any not satisfied with their cleaning service, just drop customer service a call anytime in between 9am till 5pm daily.
One stop Maideasy app provides quick, easy and hassle free online booking via smartphone that provide Basic cleaning, Move in/out cleaning, Carpet cleaning and InteriorPainting. Very convenient for multitasking mommies and busy working adults !
Floor mopping

Let’s me share with you the process of booking a local maid !

Mouse mommy can customize my own cleaning schedule according to my available time slot. Maideasy offers morning session, afternoon session and 2 hours late evening cleaning session that accommodate for all people needs.

Mouse mommy had schedule a Basic Cleaning at home via smartphone and received a SMS immediately with verification number and booking status. After that, mouse mommy was make a payment via the app. On the next day, Maideasy was sent me a SMS to stated that “Good news! Our cleaner, Athuf has accepted your request (4dxxm) morning session, Thu, 2x Dec. Morning arrivals expected at 9am-9:30am. Note that the cleaners will not be bringing any supplies. Please ensure that you have proper cleaning tools and supplies ready before your session.” Mouse mommy likes their proper update service for me to easy keep tract on the status.

On the actual day, mouse mommy was received another reminder SMS from Maideasy : Update from your cleaner, Athuf. For your booking today, there will be 1 cleaner and is expected to arrive at 9:00am. Thanks for the gentle reminder!

Maideasy also sent me a promotion SMS to get RM20 off for my next booking and we are allow to rate and feedback on the cleaner whether was he/ she provides a professional cleaning service. Two thumbs up!!

Mouse mommy simply like the appropriate updates and info from Maideasy as in sometimes I am too busy to keep tract all stuffs. Mouse mommy will thanks and appreciate for the gentle reminder professional service.

The male local maid cleaner came to my house at 9:00am and start work immediately. He was politely asked mouse mommy, may I help you? Of course!!!

Maideasy local male maid had pay attention to every corner of my living room, kitchen, bedrooms and help me to segregate and packed the recyclables items too.
"Lipat baju"

Floor sweeping

Packed all recyclables items 


Toilet cleaning
Maideasy maid was cleaned my living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms - just as my wish! Thank You and Great thumbs up for Athuf !!!
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