Happening Mydin Malaysia Girang Syawal Tiba 2018!

Mydin has launch Girang Syawal Tiba 2018 at Mydin Mall Subang Jaya in conjunction of Raya Aidilfitri celebration. So thoughtful of Mydin with their song creation with 'Girang Syawal Tiba' in line for Ramadan Raya MYDIN this year. The song is sang by six artists under a recording company FMC, the artists are Haqieum Rusli, Tajul, Wani, Sissy Imann, Zoey Rahman and Ernie Zakri. There's also video clip on Rumah Jagaan and Rawatan Orang Tua Al-Ikhlas, Puchong. 

There is fashion show at the launched and this year Raja Baju Collection you can find many choices and brand MIKAYLA for women and MIKHAIL for man, the clothing was demonstrated by models and local artists. 

Launching of Girang Syawal Tiba 2018 was attended by YBhg. Datuk Wira (Dr.) HAji Ameer Ali bin Mydin, Pengarah Urusan Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd together with board member of MYDIN, also presents were media and suppliers.

MYDIN has work together with NGO, unity, and kids of orphanage that can't afford to shop in MYDIN. MYDIN has prepared the adopted brother and adopted sister to help them with the supping and get discount rates special for them. Smiles and happiness bring the joy on their faces to enjoy the shopping spree for this Hari Raya to fulfill their needs and clothing.

MYDIN has got Ramadan Bazaar which is located at all MYDIN stores selling more than 200 types of food for 'berbuka puasa'. Food is cooked by MYDIN chefs, open daily from 3pm to 7.30pm.

Photo credit to Mydin Malaysia
Ramadan Bazaar can find variety choice of kurma for berbuka. MYDIN shoppers can have the bubur lambuk which is special cooked by MYDIN to be giveaway FREE before the time of berbuka puasa. Thanks to suppliers of ADABI, BERAS JUARA and MAGGI having this collaboration with Mydin. We can shop and feast at Mydin Mall at the same time. 

Along the month of Ramadan, customer of MYDIN has the chance enjoy the activities with the local arist like FAIZAL TAHIR, ANIS NABILA and AMYRA ROSLI along with their supplier of GSK, MAGGI, DKSH and P&G. There will be campaign of "purchase with purchase" with P&G look out for these in MYDIN , contest of JOM BALIK KAMPUNG BERSAMA AMBI PUR and 'Wow Bonanza Aidilfitri' with NESTLE. The weekly lucky winner will win RM,1000 (shopping voucher MYDIN, Petrol voucher, and Touch & Go).

Photo credit to Mydin Malaysia
iMERIAH is one of the program offer to the card holder of Meriah card. MYDIN Meriah Card limited edition now available with the photo of six local artists that together launched the Girang Syawal Tiba 2018, sign up now for only RM12. Shoppers can check out more details at Mydin. 

Special for this Girang Syawal Tiba 2018, customer stand the chance to trade their points of Meriah to Air Asia BIG Point for redeem of ticket. For customer that using GRAB, there will be have the chance to get discount for rate for MYDIN. Many ongoing offers and promotion available at Mydin to grab!

Photo credit to Mydin Malaysia
Do check out the photo both that available at the MYDIN MALL to join Peraduan Instagram with hashtag #mydinmalaysia and #girangsyawaltiba. Salam Ramadan!

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