Mini Unicorn Cake Making In Action At Young Chefs Academy IPC!

Mouse mommy and MR were attending Young Chefs Academy cooking school to learn how to make a Mini Unicorn Cake.

Before we start the cooking class, Chef Izza aka Chef Pizza has shares with us some kitchen rules to make sure all of us are keeping hygiene with handwashing and make sure our table was clean and clear. A good practice before we start our cooking class.

First of all, we got to make a vanilla cupcake. Chef Pizza has provided us the ingredients with 1.5 cup flour, 1.5 tablespoon baking powder, 0.5 cup butter, 1 cup sugar, 2 eggs, 0.5 tablespoon vanilla essence and 0.5 cup milk.  

Chef Pizza also take this opportunity to teach the children correct names of the cookware such as cake pans, cake piping, cake cream icing spatula and so on.

MR has taken up the Junior Chef role to mix the flour with baking powder together using a fork and put aside.

In another medium bowl, add butter and sugar together. MR was using a baking spatula to mix it together until fluffy and the mixture turns slightly pale yellow. After that, add in the eggs and vanilla essence and beat together until it is fully incorporated.

MR was provided a bowl of flour and asked mouse mommy whether should he pour all of half? “Yes, you are right, pour half of the flour first into the butter and mix. After that, you can pour another half of the balance flour to mix it up together.” Mouse mommy answered.

MR was focused and listened to the instruction of the Chef and doing a great job! Mouse mommy was happy that MR was able to use the correct cooking terminology as in half, full, all, scoop, mix up and so on while cooking in action. A little surprise for mouse mommy!

After the flour mixing done, then pour in the milk and mix. MR was continuing using the baking spatula until batter is smooth and fully evenly mixed. 

He was scoop out the batter and out into a cupcake paper. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes, once baked, remove from oven and let it cool.

Coating the cake with topping cream was quite challenging! Mouse mommy helps in this with putting the topping cream along the cake, use cream icing spatula to coat the whole cake evenly.

Decoration time! Chef Pizza showed us how to make our own unicorn horn and ears. MR was excited to make his own big and small unicorn horns. He was rolled the white fondant into snake shape and twist it together and tight it up with a satay stick with minimum help from mouse mommy. Kudos MR!

The unicorn ears required some skills. MR got to make it into triangle shape and form the unicorn’s ears.

Finally, MR was decorating his unicorn cake with piped the coloured cream – orange, blue and pink on the side to create a unicorn mane as his wish.

Hooray! Mini Unicorn cake and Unicorn cupcake were done by Junior Chef MR! More photos can click here to view | Album 1 | YouTube

Ops! Junior Chef MR was too tempting of his creation and wanted to eat his unicorn cupcake on the spot! Mom, let’s keep the big one home to share with daddy and baby MH. Ok, deal, my sweetie boy!

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