"Buka Puasa, Buka Rasa" With Dato' Fazley And Chatime!

Chef and celebrity, Dato’ Fazley Yaakob, 40, was appointed as the face of the Ramadan campaign of Malaysia’s famous international bubble tea chain, Chatime, at a launch ceremony held at SukaSucre Bistro.

Featuring the theme of "Buka Puasa, Buka Rasa" (Break Your Fast, Break Out The Flavours), Fazley inspired the brand to bring forward two special edition beverages; Bandung Sago Pearl Milk Tea and Cendol Sago Milk Tea to fulfil the diversity of demands for both loyal and new customers of Chatime during this holy Ramadan.

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According to Fazley, he was deeply touched and proud when given the opportunity to collaborate with Chatime, which is, coincidentally, his favourite drink brand. 

"When offered this opportunity, I'm excited because I knew exactly what I wanted to bring to the table in terms of Ramadan menu for the Chatime brand," he said when met after the event.

Also present was the Group Managing Director of Chatime Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. owned by Will Group, Aliza Ali and Executive Director, Widayu Latiff.

Photo credit to @theshahrulizzat for @ss_creatives

At the launch event, Fazley also conducted a demonstration of the two drinks that made the sago ingredient a focus while assisted by Aliza and Widayu.

Aliza told, Fazley’s experience and passion in creating new recipes in culinary is the reason Chatime decided to have him as the face of Ramadan this year. It is in line with the brand’s mission in offering variety of choices to its customers. 

“Dato’ Fazley is not just this year’s face of Ramadan for Chatime, he was the mastermind behind the tweaking of the recipes of our Ramadan drinks series”.

Bandung Sago Pearl Milk Tea (with optional vanilla cream) and Cendol Sago Milk Tea is sold for RM8.90 each.

These two specialties are available throughout the Chatime branch in Malaysia beginning one week before Ramadan and ending the first week of Hari Raya Aidilfitri festivities.

Mouse mommy loves the Bandung Sago Pearl Milk Tea, it taste slight special with the fusion of Bandung with Sago Pearl. Another special drink creation that only available during this holy Ramadan!

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