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Dutch Lady Breakfast 1 Week Challenge - To Kick Start My Day!

Thanks for the Lovely Breakfast Surprise from Dutch Lady #SarapanDutchLady

Breakfast is very very very important to kick start my day ! Especially as a breastfeeding mom, a handy pack of Dutch Lady Purefarm Full Cream Milk will save me from starving... the moment right after pumping my lovely breastmilk for my baby! 

Well, research has shown that we must eat nutritious breakfast , adequate lunch and just nice dinner to keep us body in tip-top condition. Therefor, we must eat breakfast like a king to keep us going. Haha!! Life is like a dance that filled with many many activities, works, chores that keep us continue........ Eat, Work, Sleep ! The basic concept of Life. 

EAT comes 1st ! I always make sure fill up my tummy first with yummy, delicious, healthy food and beverages that give me energy to go... GO... GO.... ON! Thanks for Dutch Lady having such a Breakfast awareness campaign that gentle remind Malaysian the importance of Breakfast ! Here I come to share mine - My Breakfast 1 week Challenge :)   

Day 1 - Malaysian style favourite Nasi Lemak with Dutch Lady PureFarm Full Cream Milk  

Day 2 - My favourite Honey Star, Frutzee Banana and of course Dutch Lady PureFarm Full Cream Milk 

Day 3 - Fitness Almond Cereals with Dutch Lady PureFarm Full Cream Milk 

Day 4 - Homemake mulberry jam and bread, 2 half boiled egg with Dutch Lady PureFarm Full Cream Milk 

Day 5 - Yummy soft buns with Dutch Lady PureFarm Full Cream Milk 

Day 6 - Banana and Chocolate flavoured Muffins with Dutch Lady PureFarm Full Cream Milk and Ice cream dessert

Day 7 - My hubby treats me a chicken meal with my love Dutch Lady PureFarm Full Cream Milk 
Many Malaysian were lack of calcium especially women and this can cause osteopenia and worse osteoporosis to be happen. A tip for breastfeeding mommies were please make sure your calcium intake able to support you mommy, as in mommy must take good care of ourselves, so that we able to produce high quality breastmilk to feed our little baby. Eat variety of food, vegetables, fishes, fruits, nuts and drink milk able to keep us nourish with macronutrients and micronutrients such as manganese, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, protein, Vitamins A, C, D, B. Do not ever to be a picky eater. 

Importance of Calcium Intake
2 packs of Dutch Lady PureFarm Full Cream Milk can complement our daily meals intake. A glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm Full Cream Milk in the morning can help to provide at least 275mg of calcium that helping to meet my daily calcium requirement.  

Enjoy Your Milk :)
M - Morning Breakfast !
I   - "Ichiban" Dutch Lady PureFarm Full Cream Milk !
L  - Love my body !
K - Keep us healthy !

My Family Favourite Dutch Lady Milk since my childhood till now ! #SarapanDutchLady

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  1. memang kena minum susu la kan.. densiti tulang makin hari makin menyusut.. risau osteoporosis jek.. hee~ 40% wanita yang berusia 30 tahun keatas menghidap maslaah osteoporosis tau.. jadi.. minum lah susu.. sebba.. skearang ni ade jugak awal 20-an masalah reput tulang..

    jaga kesihatan ya !!

    1. Tu lah, ramai warga tua jatuh je patah tulang, densiti tulang dah rapuh. Bahaya tu. Minum susu dari sekarang utk pencegahan tua nnt :)


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