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Healthy l Nutritious l Real Fruit "JaJan" The Frutzee Family By Nutri Food

Nutrio Food - The Frutzee Family Healthy Snacks launch!

Nutrio Food launches The Frutzee Family ! A world where snacking is GOOD for you ! Nowadays, parenting was challenging, become a parents need to make sure the little one eat well, dress smart, high IQ, great EQ and so on. Mouse mommy also facing the same challenge as in my little MR was quite a picky eater, sometimes I really get mad when ask him to eat well. He was refused to eat varieties of foods including fruits. Headache!! 

Mouse mommy was happy to get to know The Frutzee Family - the 1st healthy fruit snack series in the market that available in 4 real fruits which is Banana, Grapes, Apple and Strawberry. My little MR loves the banana and grapes favour as in sweet in taste comparable to apple and strawberry that come with slight sour real fruit taste. The Frutzee "JaJan" was crunchy, healthy, yummy, nutritious and real fruit taste(as in make from Real Fruit) and MR had finished one pack easily and requested for more. Hmmm... this could be another alternative to offer MR fruits intake. MR also requested that mouse mommy : Do you have pear and cempedak fruit snack? Hehe…! MR requested to bring along to share with his cousins. So sweet of him that remember to share good food with family members.

Party time?

#Futzee #RealFruits #Snacks!

Frutzee "JaJan" is designed to cater for children starting 12 months old onwards. It made from real fruit freeze-dried immediately after picking, Frutzee locks in all the natural goodness and nutritional benefits of the fresh fruits. 

Nutrio Food uses a patented and proven cutting-edge technology whereby fruits are washed and placed in a vacuum chamber to be cooled up to -30 degree Celsius. By freezing the fruits at fresh point, the natural freshness and taste are retained. In addition, air is pumped out  in the vacuuming process, changing the frozen water crystals into gas and leaving he fruit dehydrated. The nutritional benefits are preserved for over one year through this particular process while also giving the product its trademark crispiness !

Nutrio Food - The Frutzee Family

Mr Eddie Ooi, the sales consultant of Frutzee stated that Nutrio Food is a company that lives and breathes the vision of a healthy lifestyle that having a well balanced and passionate daily life. Therefor, they are strive to provide naturally healthy and super tasty snacks without unnecessary preservatives, colourings and taste enhancers. 

Hi ! I am The Frutzee Family - Banana, Grapes, Strawberries and Apple ! An apple a day keeps the doctor away :)

MR suddenly come to me this morning requested to make his own DIY breakfast with Frutzee. Mouse mommy happily agreed with him...... Cool! He takes initiative to prepare his own breakfast. So, we go to refrigerator to choose the ingredients. 

Little MR Healthy Yummy Frutzee Breakfast Recipe

Ingredients        : The Frutzee Family healthy snacks, Yogurt, Mango puding, homemake mulberry jam.
Utensils             :  A plastic container, spoons. 
Ready time        : in about 10 minutes.
Chef of the day : Little MR

All set READY! Let me Spot check the Frutzee fruit snack in advance. :) Yummy eventhough just snack it alone ! 

MR put in Yogurt as base. 

After that, he wants to add in mango puding and homemake mulberry jam.

Lastly, MR add in the Frutzee fruit family snacks and not forget to stole few pieces to directly put into his mouth :) 

Wow! I did it ! Let me savour my DIY healthy yummy FRUTZEE Breakfast !

Wow! Yummy ! Full spoonful one by one into his mouth. Happy Tummy, Happy Mommy! :) 

Mouse Mommy , I am really enjoy my DIY Frutzee Breakfast !  

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