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Kuala Lumpur : Japan Shinkansen Choo-Choo Train Exhibition On Board at Lot 10 - ISETAN The Japan Store

Shinkansen Choo-Choo High Speed Train Series E6
This is an interesting Shinkansen exhibition that not to be missed! An educational and yet a fun day out for family to visit and get to know more about Shinkansen. It is a high-speed trains project between Malaysia and Singapore that expected opened tender this year. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and The Embassy of Japan in Malaysia hope to deepen the understanding amongst Malaysians of how the Japanese Shinkansen will contribute to the development of Malaysia and improve people's life.   

Thank you and appreciate for the hard work of the team that build up a Shinkansen train diorama, touted as one of the biggest in Asia that featured in the exhibition ! The exhibition also offer Malaysian public first-hand view of a specially designed miniature of the Shinkansen which was fully computerised and operated by using battery. 

One of the biggest Shinkansen Train Diorama at Lot 10 The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur.
The kids was really enjoying to watch and play around with the Shinkansen Choo-Choo Trains. The Shinkansen high-speed toy trains come in different colours and variety designs. My boy MR loves the most was the green colour Series E6 Shinkansen Choo-Choo Train. A well design and insights of the exhibition presentation that we must attend. 

Yeah! Shinkansen Choo-Choo Train playtime !
Shinkansen Choo-Choo Train on board.
Many designs and colourful Shinkansen Choo-Choo Train toys were available.
Sharing with you some facts related with Shinkansen. This is a fast and reliable Shinkansen high speed train that do not encounter any passenger fatalities (crash avoidance, automatic train control system) from year 1964 to 2015 for 51 years. That's mean Shinkansen high speed train was trusted and safe with Zero incident happen! Thumbs up!!! Shinkansen able to operating 15 high speed trains per hour at peak time and this will be a great solution to ease the dense traffic. 
Characteristics of Shinkansen
Miniatures of Shinkansen High Speed Trains 
Shinkansen Choo-Choo Trains queue up and parking nicely

Why do we say that Shinkansen was reliable? As in the statistic shown that the train average delay was less than 60 seconds which is punctuality in 1 minute time! The Shinkansen High Speed Train can speed up 320 - 360 km/h that able to shorter the trip duration. Shinkansen can bring our cities closer together from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore ( Kuala Lumpur - Seremban - Ayeh Keroh - Muar - Batu Pahat - Nusajaya - Singapore ) #projectshinkansen 

Shinkansen Choo-Choo Train - Here I come !
Shinkansen brings our cities closer
There are limited door gifts will be sold at the venue such as Shinkansen Lunch Box at Timeout Cafe - 2nd Floor and specially designed Tote Bags. 

Good news to mummies and parents ! Special Eco bag designed by TAP, KL based design firm, will be given away FREE for those who "Click Like" on their official facebook page in the exhibition. This is a creative and illusion optic 3D Eco bag that support go green and environment friendly.  

Do you see any wordings? Can you speak it out?
Angulation of 10 degree - can you read it ? FAST AND RELIABLE
Not only that, this weekend 04 March and 05 March 2017 (Saturday - Sunday), Ekiben ( bento lunch box that normally enjoy in the Shinkansen ) will be gifted for FREE to those participate in a survey [ Limited for 40 Ekiben per day ]. 

Ekiben and Shinkansen go green note book. Love the Shinkansen Ekiben design !

My Ekiben with Ebi tempura, tamago, orange fruit and fried rice. Delicious !  

Yum...yum... MR was truely enjoy his Shinkansen Choo-Choo Train Ekiben... love the Shinkansen Ekiben so much! Arigato-gozaimasu!  

Shinkasen Exhibition - hope you enjoy too !
Mark your date to visit !

Date          : 17 February 2017 ( Friday ) till 09 March 2017 ( Thursday )
Time          : 11:00am - 21:00pm
Venue        :  ISETAN The Japan Store ( 1F The Studio )
                      Lot 10 Shopping Center 
                      50 Jalan Sultan Ismail 
                      50250 Kuala Lumpur

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