Review : Shapee Postpartum Support For Mummies & Breastfeeding Mothers

Shapee Postpartum Belly Wrap Plus+ & Shapee Hips Wrap Plus+ in action !
Maggie Scarf said that "Pregnancy is getting company inside one's skin" which is True! Once newborn baby arrived and mommy's waist also form a spare tire. Feeling sad. 

Fat fat belly
At first, mouse mommy was quite skeptical about belly wrap and wonder is it really works to keep back my body shape. Shhh... want to secretive tell you that mouse mommy cannot bear those belly wrap that wrap too tight and keep me felt uncomfortable and unable to breath. Some more, those belly wrap that available in the market also selling in expensive price and unsure of it's reliability. 

Mouse mommy was giving opportunity to experience this Shapee Belly Wrap Plus+ and Shapee Hips Wrap Plus+ that specially designed and developed for postpartum recovery mummies. Hmmm... let mouse mommy share you some opinions and tips.

Mouse mommy loves the soft, grip, elastic and breathable fabric of Shapee ! 
The special design that cater postpartum mommies' needs.
The material of Shapee Postpartum Belly Wrap Plus+ and Hips Wrap Plus+ was made of Polyester 65%, Elastane 20% and Cotton 15% that feeling soft, elastic and able to grip my body nicely without flipping in standing position. Breathable fabric makes my skin feel great and without any itchiness feeling. The triple compression design and reinforced belt for stronger support perfectly grip and reshape mouse mommy's fat fat belly. 

The adjustable reinforced belt was just perfectly answer mummies' requirement.
The most like point was the reinforced belt was adjustable, this is really a plus point as in mouse mommy able to adjust the belt according to my own threshold and indirectly this will encourage me to wear the Shapee Postpartum Belly Wrap Plus+ and Hips Wrap Plus+ in longer hours to shape up body rather than just ignore it in aside which is a waste. The multiple levels of compression was really a cool idea that allows me to self control the amount of pressure on my hips and work towards the best possible results.

The Shapee product information
Postpartum mummies tend to have wider pelvis and hip joints. The Shapee Hips Wrap Plus+ able to help in supports of the pelvis, pelvic floor, lower abdomen, hips and lower back to keep the right body posture in place. Mouse mommy can feel the triple compression features that able to narrows and supports the hips after delivery naturally. 

Simple and easy way to wear the Shapee belly wrap plus+ and Shapee hips wrap plus+ - Just adjust and stick it together! 

Perfectly with adjustable compression belt that suit individual needs
Well in terms of taking care of Postpartum Belly Wrap Plus+ and Shapee Hips Wrap Plus+ was easy that only hand wash it and hang it dry in shade. Do not use chlorine bleach and tumble dry function as in this will result in damage the structure of belly and hips wrap.

Another advance plus point was the custom fit design of Shapee Postpartum Belly Wrap Plus+ and Hips Wrap Plus+ able to helps in improve breastfeeding posture while breastfeeding baby. 

Looks nice?

Perfectly fit and support mouse mommy's belly and hip joints.
Shapee Postpartum Belly Wrap Plus+ and Hips Wrap Plus+ was selling at RM65.00 and RM45.00 which is economic and save mummies's pockets. It also available to purchase via Shapee online website

Shapee Postpartum Belly Wrap Plus+ and Hips Wrap Plus+
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