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Milk Booster Momma Pregolact Milk : Nutrition For Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms !

Mouse mommy loves to drink milk, however, tend to choose the flavour that I like ! There are many brands, types, flavours and contents available in the market. As a breastfeeding mommy, mouse mommy practice balance diet and consume variety of foods and beverages. In order to make sure we mummies and babies get the right nutrition, breastfeeding mummies must get hydrated, eat foods that contains all macronutrients and micronutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, iodin, protein, fat, iron, zink, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. Mouse mommy has discovered a milk booster Momma Pregolact milk that given adequate nutrition to pregnant mummies and breastfeeding mummies and would like to share with you. 

Many mummies asking mouse mommy: ???
How to breastfeed baby successfully? 
My breastmilk yield drop.
I need to top-up with formula milk as in my supply was inadequate.
I only able to breastfeed my baby for 2 months and it dry up once I resume back to work.

Mummies! The KEYWORD was simple : Pump Consistently. 
What is it mean by pumping breastmilk in consistently? There are 2 factors : First, MUST empty your breastmilk in each pumping session. Secondly, Pump according to mummies' permissible schedule. Example, mummy A can pump breastmilk every 3 hourly and she pump breastmilk at 6am, 9am, 12noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, 12midnight and 3am. She do not skip the pumping session and this will create a demand for breastmilk production. Mummy B busy with works and only able to pump every 5 hourly and she pump at 6am, 11am, 4pm, 9pm and 2am. Mummy B also can get adequate breastmilk supply for her baby as in her production of breastmilk was adequate and consistently in yield volume. Do not skip the pumping session. 

Other than that, breastfeeding mummies must keep ourselves in hydrated condition. Recently hot weather was terrible and make mouse mommy in sick mode, we need to drink plenty of H2O a.k.a. WATER to keep us in tip-top condition. Avoid those fried, bake, BBQ foods to make things become worse. Sometimes mouse mommy was too tired after handling 2 kids and no energy to eat dinner, mouse mommy just grab a milk booster Momma Pregolact milk and add in muesli as my nutritious dinner. Milk booster Momma Pregolact milk was simple and convenient to prepare and avoid mouse mommy getting gastric. Thank you!

Milk booster Momma Pregolact milk contains of olive extract, raisins powder, Omega 3, pomegranate extract, fig extract, habbatus sauda, goat milk powder, dates extract, honey bee powder, saffron powder and inulin (prebiotic) that able to nourish mummies and babies healthily. Milk booster Momma Pregolact milk suitable for mummies that planning to conceive, pregnant mummies and breastfeeding mummies. Mouse mommy loves the milk booster Momma Pregolact Vanilla flavour as in the smell come in sweet dates... yum...yum... For mummies that do not like the vanilla flavour, there are milk booster Momma Pregolact chocolate flavour too. 

Milk booster Momma Pregolact milk also helps in increase HB level, reduce the morning sickness reaction, avoid mummies' back pain and leg cramp, breastmilk booster, increase energy, stress relief, increase immune system, reduce eczema problem and so on. A great choice of milk booster Momma Pregolact milk for mummies especially breastfeeding mummies!

A sharing from mouse mommy, my breastmilk yield was slight increase after consume milk booster Momma Pregolact milk and the protein part of the breastmilk was thicker too. Many testimonial from breastfeeding mummies that drink milk booster Momma Pregolact milk for your review. Support Breastfeeding! 

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