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VITAGEN Malaysia Nationwide Roadshow Kicks Start At IOI City Mall, Putrajaya From 23 - 27 August 2017!

Better health which means the ability to take care of ourselves better so that we can achieve our full potential. With that in mind, pioneer of the industry and custodian of digestive care, VITAGEN Malaysia, in conjunction with their 40th celebration, is calling all Malaysians to join them on a nationwide roadshow that kicks off at IOI City Mall, LG Centre Court, Putrajaya from 23 August to 27 August 2017, followed by two subsequent locations at Queensbay Mall, Penang and AEON Tebrau City, Johor.

This nationwide roadshow aims to educate all Malaysians the importance of a healthy gut and the role it plays in boosting our immunity, mental clarity and even our mood. While VITAGEN has always been synonymous with digestive health, and people are consuming VITAGEN on a daily basis, most Malaysians are unaware why Malaysia’s No. 1 Cultured milk drink is good for them – and that it does more than just promote good digestion.

70% of our immune system lies within the gut. Our immune system is designed to fight invading viruses, bacteria and other microbes while leaving healthy tissues alone. VITAGEN is made from fermented skimmed milk with billions of live and active cultures. These cultures are formulated to survive the journey through the gastrointestinal tract and gut to help preserve the balance of good and bad bacteria for better digestion and a stronger immune system. In short, the healthier the gut, the better chance we have of boosting our immunity to fight off diseases.

There is an internal complex ecosystem of bacteria located within our bodies that we call the microbiome. These microbiomes regulate how we feel and think by communicating signals via the vagus nerve, which connects the brain and the digestive tract. Numerous on-going studies have shown that microfauna in our intestines plays a major role in affecting our state of mind. VITAGEN helps to keep the bacterial ecosystem in our gut balanced, effectively assisting in promoting better mental clarity.

Our gut does more than just food-digestion. It also plays an important role in both our physical and emotional health. Our gut has the ability to produce most of the chemicals needed by our body that control our emotions. In fact, it houses nearly 95% of serotonin. The chemical that triggers our ‘feel good’ feelings - they are produced by the gut. These chemicals signal to our central nervous system via probiotics and if our gut contains less good bacteria, it directly affects our emotions.  

“Our nationwide roadshow demonstrates that gut facts don’t lie. Our gut is critical to overall wellbeing and by knowing how to take care of it, will help alleviate many health problems. This nationwide roadshow aims to bring to light the importance of gut health. We hope to spread this message to as many families as we can. It is also to express our appreciation to all Malaysians who have supported and believed in the VITAGEN brand and its efficacy over the last four decades,” said Poh Eng Lip, VITAGEN’s General Manager.

Members of the public can expect to participate in a series of fun and educational activities that promote the three key benefits of a healthy gut – better immunity, sharper mental clarity and a positive emotional state. The highlight of this nationwide roadshow will be a maze shaped in a VITAGEN bottle, illustrating in a fun way on how we can all learn to navigate our way to better gut health with VITAGEN. Such an educational and fun Vitagen roadshow that not to be missed! Mark the date! 

All variants of VITAGEN contain billions of live, active cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei for better digestion and a stronger immunity. VITAGEN Regular is made with wholesome milk and real fruit juice with no preservatives for a great fruity taste that is well-loved by everyone. VITAGEN Less Sugar has a lower sugar content, specifically produced for those who are looking to lower their sugar intake but would still like to enjoy the many health benefits the brand offers. 

VITAGEN Less Sugar was recently awarded the Healthier Choice logo under the Ministry of Health. VITAGEN Collagen is made with the same wholesome goodness of live, active cultures with the infusion of Marine Collagen peptides and prebiotics for youthful, glowing skin. Two bottles of VITAGEN is all you need to provide your body with its daily intake of healthy bacteria. 

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