Be A Kind Kid; Act With Good Intention!

Being a kind person is not always easy. Being a kind person in our daily life is to play our role to have good intention, kind heart and contribute to the community. Being kind to our neighbours, MR and MH both are friendly boys and greet the uncle aunt that they saw. 

Kids learn the good social interaction with the neighbours, classmates and community. Smile and say “Good Morning” when we meet someone in the morning!

MR is just start joining primary school, mouse mommy is happy to know MR got good intention to help teacher in cleaning jobs after the class such as sweep the floor and throw rubbish. Glad that MR was apply the cleaning skills that he has learnt in KidZania Kuala Lumpur in his daily life!

P/S: Mouse mommy do not know about it until teacher praises MR that he is a helpful boy, even though he is naughty sometimes! Thanks boy for being helpful!

At home, we have an organic herbs garden that we love to plant some herbs such as mulberry tree, aloe Vera, blue butterfly pea flowers, Talinum Paniculatum and mint leaves. MR and MH will help mouse mommy watering and take care of the plants

MR knows that plants required adequate sunlight, water, soil and air to grow healthily. Plants will have photosynthesis process and released oxygen in the air.

Taking good care of plants and environment is important for our flora and fauna care! More photos can click here to view. 

With the environment care mentality, kids will learn to love the living earth with refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rewards concept. Kids are taking responsibility in environmental care.

Everytime MR visited KidZania, he must go to Recycle Establishment to work as a Recycle Duty Officer to collect all recyclables items such as newspaper at KidZania Post establishment, used and empty mineral bottle at Spritzer Bottling Operator and used plastic at Z-Mart Shopping Market. 

After that, MR will segregate all the recyclables items accordingly at Recycle establishment. Well done MR!

This is a very good practise. Therefore, mouse mommy is supporting and we are practising recycle works in our daily life. 

We will reuse the items if possible, and recycle the recyclables items such as aluminium soft drinks can, plastic mineral bottles and books. Try our best to reduce the rubbish volume.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Mouse mommy together with the kids MR and MH are also busy to do spring cleaning. Those clothes and products that are usable will be packed nicely, either giveaway to family and friends who needed or will put in the Charity collection station for those people in need. 

Hope this little contribution will be useful for the community and prolong the products usage lifetime.

Let’s be Kind to everyone that we meet for a better living world. Put it into practice! It starts from me, myself! Cheers!

As a reward for the kids being Kind, mouse mommy promises to bring along MR and MH to KidZania Kuala Lumpur to let them explore, experiment and experience more in a safe and fun learning KidZania community! Each time after visiting, MR will loves to share with mouse mommy his personal experience

I am proud to see how much experiences that he has gained and learnt. For me, the most enjoyable moment is listening the story that he shares every time and always a new discovery for him. Feeling Thankful! 
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