dahmakan X Ayam Brand™ To Deliver the Authentic Taste and Goodness of Coconut Milk

“Malaysians love food and have very finely-honed taste-buds when it comes to local favourites such as Nasi Lemak, rendang and curry. Food quality is something we take great pride on at dahmakan. We want to make sure we are using the finest ingredients, not compromising on taste and aroma” said Jonathan Weins, CEO and co-founder of dahmakan.

Ayam Brand™ one of Malaysia’s favorite household brands with its wide range of food products is partnering Malaysian leading food delivery startup, dahmakan, to bring the rich taste of coconut milk to even more people in the Kuala Lumpur through dahmakan’s healthy, gourmet meal delivery.

"dahmakan" which in Malay, means "Have you eaten?", is making daily food delivery an affordable, everyday experience. Their 5* hotel chef team creates healthy lunches and dinners crafted with the finest ingredients which are conveniently delivered to customers’ office or homes within 45mins of ordering. Ayam Brand is synonymous with healthy, MSG and preservative free food.

Mouse mommy was ordered Grilled Chicken Thigh “Percik Style” via dahmakan website for my lunch. Grilled Chicken Thigh “Percik Style” served together with ulam brown rice and Asian sautéed vegetables.

The dahmakan lunch box was packed well in packaging and the food looks appetizing! Once open it, the juicy grilled chicken thigh and the creamy Percik sauce is attracted mouse mommy. Hmm… maybe hungry already during lunch hour… ‘Makan’ first!

The creamy Percik gravy is a blend mixture of garlic, lemongrass, ginger, ginger flower, red chilli, red onion, turmeric root and Ayam Brand™ Coconut Milk. Percik sauce that rich in coconut milk flavour was just nice to enhance the umami taste of the chicken thigh! Yummy!

The collaboration between the two brands is built on their shared values of providing healthy, MSG and preservative free foods. This collaborative effort ensures dahmakan consumers enjoy the taste and health benefits of Ayam Brand™ Coconut Milk in their signature dishes including Chicken Rendang and Chicken Percik.

The partnership will run from June 29, 2018 for a three-month period. Mouse mommy is eager to try out the Chicken Rendang too as in that is Malaysian signature Chicken Rendang dish.

“Ayam Brand™ has been championing the goodness, versatility and convenience of our coconut milk for many years. Partnering with dahmakan allows us to wow a new group of users who can appreciate the taste of quality coconut milk in gourmet meals in local cuisine. We hope that the deliciousness of the Ayam Brand™ dahmakan meals will motivate them to recreate similar recipes,” Mr Nathan Deverre, Ayam Brand™ Malaysia’s Strategic Marketing Advisor.

Malaysians have long loved coconut milk and other coconut products as coconut recorded the highest per capita consumption (PCC) of 17kg per year[1], topping the chart of consumption for fruit crops in Malaysia. Ayam Brand™ is among Malaysia’s top-selling coconut milk brands.

Try out dahmakan’s new menu with Ayam Brand™ coconut milk and order from their website at https://dahmakan.com/menu with prices ranging from RM18 to RM29 inclusive of delivery. Alternatively, you can also order via their app, downloadable from Google Play Store for Android users and Apple App Store for iOs users.

The complete range of Ayam Brand™ healthy and convenient products are available at retail outlets nationwide. It is my family choice too! We love Ayam Brand™ ranges especially Deli Spread with Salmon and Tuna Mayonnaise. Yum… yum…

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