Watch Swiss Dream Circus This August 2018 School Holidays!

In 1768, the British entrepreneur, showman and horse enthusiast Philip Astley, together with acrobats, jugglers and clowns founded the first circus - it was the beginning of the modern circus as we know it. Gypsies and jesters have been commemorating people, be it the ancient Greeks, Egyptians or even the high culture of the Khmer (today's Cambodia).

The circus is one of the oldest cultural assets around the globe. In Switzerland there are over 14 circus companies and a variety shows that traditionally travel through the country. In 2000, Marco Baumgartner founded the Swiss Dream Circus together with clown Andre Broger and Stephan Balle; with their first guest performance in Singapore.

In 2014, he launched a new edition of the Swiss Dream Circus, this time in in Malaysia. Together with Ismail Stork they lead the ambitious project into a new future. Clown Andre still supports the circus as an artistic consultant and hopefully as chief clown in the years to come.

For years, the Malaysian Royal London Circus was the only circus in the country. Unfortunately, the company closed 2007 and there were no more circus appearances in Malaysia for years after. Thus creating the perfect opportunity for Ismail and Marco. As a result of this ambitious venture, various circus companies sprout up like mushrooms. There are currently four other companies travelling throughout Malaysia. At Swiss Dream Circus, we believe that quality is the only success worth measuring.

Swiss Dream Circus stands for real circus where you can dream with open eyes. "SWISS" stands for quality, "DREAM" for diving into another world and "CIRCUS" for a truly family-centered entertainment which awakens old childhood memories all at once. It is our ambition to create a bridge between tradition and modernity with our circus, especially in this era of digital and technological transformation.

It is not always easy to lead a circus; an infinite number of hurdles must be overcome time and time again; without forgetting the enormous cheques we have to sign! To finance a 2 million project, we rely on partners, sponsors and friends who support us. People who also like to take part of journey full of unforgettable moments.

Before the red curtain opens, tremendous organization goes on in the background. From marketing plans, booking of artists, obtaining permits, organizing visas, transport and accommodations, booking of flights ... all of which make up an almost endless list of things to do.

Just ten days before the first performance, six containers unload tons of material. First, the venue has to be measured and marked, after which more than 80 anchors are rammed into the ground, to support the Big Top. The four 13-meter-high main poles are hydraulically installed.

The 11-meter long dome hangs from it and four pieces of the tent frabric are tied and pulled upwards. Then the grand stand is assembled to fit a maximum capacity of 900 people. The wooden floor is laid and the carpet is rolled out. The artist's entrance with the red velvet curtain is set up and countless spotlights and the sound system are attached to the main poles. Two huge air conditioning chillers are connected by pipes to the tent. Power generators are mounted and erected in the awning; food stands are set up and decorated.

After six days of hard work, the circus is set up. Now the artists have 4 days to get used to the new environment and together with lighting designers, sound engineers and choreographers, a new show is put together from single performances. From dawn to dusk, rehearsing until the show comes together into a harmonious unity. Now the show can begin!

Mouse mommy is going to bring family and kids to watch this Swiss Dream Circus in this August 2018 school holidays! Must be a fun-filled experience for kids! 

Swiss Dream Circus 
Theme : Emotions - The Greatest Show In Town
Date : 17 August - 09 September 2018
Venue : Desa ParkCity Kuala Lumpur

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