AmLife Promotes Quality Sleep In Conjunction Of World Sleep Day 2019

Eat, Work and Sleep is our routine daily lifestyle. A quality of sleep represents adequate rest for our mind and body which is so important to keep us healthy!

AmLife International Sdn. Bhd. returned with its World Sleep Day tribute for the fourth year in a row. Co-hosted by the World Sleep Society, AmLife presented a sleep health showcase at the Sunway Resort Hotel to members of the media today.

Having recently launched their new tagline, “Life, Redefined,” AmLife is spearheading the movement to enable Malaysians achieve better health through better sleep, thus redefining their lives. AmLife has recently repositioned themselves as a total sleep health expert – this means they are looking into more holistic ways to improve sleep, as well as address sleep-related matters including health, beauty, and wellness. Their diverse range of products is a testament of their intent to break into the total sleep health market.

Founder and President of AmLife, Mr. Lew Mun Yee is a firm believer in natural healing through deep sleep. Devoting his life to helping others achieve quality sleep, Mr. Lew developed a full solution to help people regain health through good sleep. He said, “AmLife believes that everyone should have dreams and should chase after them. In our journey to realising our dreams, we need to have a healthy body to pursue those destinations, and more importantly, enjoy the journey and the fruits of success.”

Incorporating this year’s World Sleep Day slogan, “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging,” AmLife introduced their innovative, sleep health products which included the debut of the AmPower Platinum Blanket, an anti-aging technology from Japan which assures its user not only quality sleep, but also to wake up feeling restored, refreshed and rejuvenated. AmLife had also teased their other pipeline sleep products including supplements to improve wellness, expected to be introduced later this year, which are projected to provide a Year-on-Year growth of 80%.

Mr. Lew explained, “While the current health market is expansive, the natural sleep health market is virtually an untouched sector. With research done on sleep health conducted by world-renowned research company, The Nielsen Company, we know that consumers are looking for natural treatments to improve their sleep quality.” He continued, “This has shaped our business strategy of which is to provide natural, technologically-driven solutions to help people sleep better.”

Giving insights on the Sleep Health survey by The Nielsen Company, Mr. Edward Yong, AmLife’s Health Consultantsaid, “9 out of 10 Malaysians suffer from one or more sleep problems, with 78% Malaysians feeling that poor sleep could cause health-related issues, and 47% said that it can cause beauty or skin problems.” He continued, “Everyone agreed that it is important to seek solutions when facing sleep disorders, with 43% Malaysians looking at natural solutions to aid with better sleep.”

Others key data included :

● 50% Malaysians rated their sleep quality as average.
● 63% Malaysians between ages 25 and 49 take over 30 minutes to sleep and the majority of those who take over 30 minutes to sleep are Chinese (45%).
● 35% face sleeping problems 1 or 2 times per week, while another 20% face sleeping problems 3 or 4 times per week.
● 70% of Malaysians are aware of stress being among the top factors that cause sleep disorders.
● Malaysians in the Northern (48%) and Southern (43%) regions are more prone to taking more than 30 minutes to sleep.

● Malaysians in the Central (43%), South (52%) and East Malaysia (46%) feel natural solutions are most important when seeking solutions to sleep better.
● More females (46%) prefer natural solutions compared to males (40%).
● The top 5 sleep disorders remedies that Malaysians are aware of include exercise (59%), lifestyle changes (54%), relaxation and meditation (48%), massage (46%) and aromatherapy (37%). 
● 48% rely on reading books, watching television
and listening to the radio to help them sleep.
Also present at the event were international speakers cum sleep experts, Dr. David Samson, Assistant Professor in Biological Anthropology at the University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada, and Dr. Koyabu Miki, Integrated Chinese & Western medicine practitioner from Japan.

Dr. David said, “Humans rely on sleep for cognitive function, yet sleep the least of any primate.” He continued, “Sleep is critical for a strong mind as poor sleep has been linked to mental disorders, for healthy aging whereby quality sleep protects adults from age-related cognitive decline, and to reduce the physical signs of aging.” Dr. David further explained, “An estimated 300 million people in Southeast Asia suffer from insomnia, and sleep apnoea, among others.”

Concurring with Dr. David, Dr. Koyabu stressed on the importance of quality sleep to promote healthy aging and prevent lifestyle-related diseases. He said, “Sleep is important to let the brain and body get rest, on top of ensuring the hormones are balanced, and improving immunity to diseases.” He continued, “To ensure we age healthily, we need to ensure we practice good sleeping habits.”

To recognise AmLife’s effort to promote sleep quality in the international arena and their efforts in sleep education in the region, the World Sleep Society, an international organisation founded by the World Sleep Federation and World Association of Sleep Medicine, presented the 2018 Distinguished Sleep Award to AmLife at the event. 

This is AmLife’s second time winning this award – a testament to their efforts in the sleep-health arena.

Transforming your life, one night at a time for a better quality sleep and rest to rejuvenating body’s cells.

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  1. sgt penting dpt quality sleep.
    rehatkan badan, fizikal & mental.
    if not, bakal efek byk benda.
    i was searching for the blanket's price while reading :) ha ha ah ha...
    surely thousands :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. AmPower Platinum Blanket
      Original Price for Single : RM8,600
      Special price for #MouseMommyTreats followers at RM6,880 with code AL14.

      Double Original Price: RM11,100
      Special price for #MouseMommyTreats followers at RM8,880 with code AL14.

      To purchase, you may call Evi: 012-2160266 (mention the promo code AL14 to entitled for the special price)
      ***Promo code AL14 valid until 30 June 2019.

      Hope helpful info. Happy World Sleep Day!

  2. just nak share experience, dulu masa i preggy kitorang beli tilam biasa je, lepas tu teruk sangat sakit belakang. now kita invest beli tilam mahal sikit, tahan lasak n nyenyak je tidur. Blanket ni macam best tapi harga dia... huhuhu.

    1. Ya, mmg tilam tu penting utk menampung berat badan dan postur badan. Jika x dpt rehat dlm keadaan yg baik, mmg sakit badan bila bangun dan menjadi masalah harian.

  3. saya memang ada masalah sukar untuk tidur, always take over 30 minutes to sleep.. I don't know why. wow boleh tahan juga harga AmPower Platinum Blanket ni.

    1. Akk cuba essential oil therapy ataupun massage sebelum tidur, mungkin dapat membantu 😊

  4. Yep agree. I am the one who suffer to have nice sleep and now I easy to get sick. But the platinum blanket look slightly heavy and hot. I got no aircond. Haha

    1. Yup , the purpose of this platinum blanket is to rejuvenate our body cells during sleeping time. Lack of sleep will results in low body immunity and therefore prone to sickness. Got to take care our health for family wellness.

  5. I really agree yer sleep quality can produce quality life as well as to be more successful and successful. Look at the product when looking at people sleeping feeling like fun jer hehehe I was very sleepy wakakakaka....

  6. Menariklah adanya tilam yang tidak sakitkan badan.. Masa hamil memang tidak dapat lari dari masalah sakit pinggang dan sakit belakang nih tak dapat nak dielakkan! Zaman sy hamil 20 tahun dulu kalau ada mesti beli. He he he

  7. Eh memang wujud ye world sleep day. Saya tak tahu pun. By the way saya setuju, tidur mestilah berkualiti, baru la lebih bertenaga untuk memulakan hari keesokannya.

  8. kuat tidur tapi tidur tak berkualiti tak guna gak kan. tu yg kengkadang bangun tidur tapi still rasa mcm tak puas tidur. Bagus ada blanket mcm ni dapat membantu mereka yg ada masalah tidur

  9. Kata orang tidur yang berkualitas akan menentukan kualitas hidup juga. Nah gimana klo kena.insomnia? Pasti susah kan? Alhamdulillah ada solusinya disini.

  10. This is one of a great products that can help us to have quality sleep, I wish to have that too.

  11. Memang betul, tidur memaninkan peranan penting untuk tubuh badan kita, kalau tidur yang tak cukup buatkan kita boleh dpt mcm2 penyakit dan hari2 kita tak bertenaga. Sis salah seorg yg susah nak tidur..sebab tu badan selalu lemah aje. Kalau dapat blanket ni sure sedap tidur kan

  12. Kita memang perlukan hidup yang sempurna.
    Rehat yang mencukupi..
    Baru la tugas seharian dapat berjalan dengan lancar kan..
    Tengok selesanya selimut tu..
    Dapat pulak katil yang empuk..
    Nikmatnya hidup. Hehe

  13. sangat bagus kalau dapat tidur yang mencukupi muka nampak lebih cantik dan bertenaga.. tapi i jenis rimas tidur atas katil tak kisah lah katil mahal ke murah ke ended up i lebih prefer tidur atas lantai jauh lebih selesa. hehe

  14. Selain makan memang tidur yang paling penting. Heheh Tidur pulak kena berkualiti kan barulah bangun esok tu bersemangat. Tengok katil n selimut tu rasa macam nak ada satu je kat umah.

  15. part tidur memang onie sendiri pun titikberatkan terutama bila dalam waktu bekerja. Even tak kerja pun kadang-kadang ia boleh terlebih dan terkurang dalam waktu tidur but kita sendiri boleh rasa sekiranya pemilihan waktu tidur itu tidak betul.