Kidorealm Sea Life Whale Educational Theme Indoor Playland At Sunway Geo Avenue!

During weekend grocery shopping, mouse mommy was spotted a NEW Kidorealm Indoor Playland located at 3rd Floor Sunway GEO Avenue with sea theme and Whale! A nice indoor Playland that is suitable for family with young kids.

Once we walk-in, the vivid colour and beautiful deep sea wallpaper was eye-catching! Such a nice theme indoor playland that suitable for birthday party, gathering and even mom-baby events!

An instagrammable sea life wall that cool for family portrait! We love it!

Love the hygienic concern of the playland. Parents and kids are required to sanitized our hands and wear socks before enter the playland area. Recommended to wear grip socks.

Many dedicated activities available for kids such as ship slides, pretend play area, creative-hut, train-tracks, magnetic blocks, colouring zone, aquarium and BoloWall. Mouse mommy and kids have so much fun! 

Many fun, interesting and interactive educational activities for family especially for babies and toddlers! 

Construction Site/ Sand Pit – Extraordinary!

Construction site cum sand pit is MR and MH’s favorite spot! The sand pit area there is not using kinetic sand, is a pool of wood dices that allow children to “construct” their work! Great gross motor training activity for children. 

Children can learn how a construction site works as well as play with wrenches and expose themselves to the world of mechanics.

Animal ATV Track – So much fun! 

There are three Superb cutie animal track such as Bee, Ladybird and Moo-moo cow. Kids can ride with their friendly animal friends or an ATV lookalike for an adventurous spin around the designated track. 

Kids Alert : Special slope design of up and down as obstacle to challenge the kids!  

MH has so much fun with his “ATV adventure”! Keep on ‘driving’ on the track continuously. Have fun boy! You are qualified to drive ‘within’ the playland region. Haha…

Ship Slide

Time to ship slides! The huge slide comes with various fun from a make-believe telescope, exciting slides, and a see through bridge to test the bravery of MR and MH!

Oh no! That is the all-time-favourite slides activity for MR and MH! Kids are always full of imagination and creativity. MR and MH are start discover and exploring the ship. MR spotted the ship storage area and telescope. MH loves the slide so much! 

Pretend-Play Area – So REAL!

Children can roam in their imagination, pretending to either be a Grocery Stall Vendor, Ice-Cream Vendor, Baker, or even a Chef. The pretend toys look so real especially the food ingredients such as eggs, fruits and ice cream!

Really spark the curiosity of MH to cook the egg. MH was getting ready of the pot and cooking utensils. After that, MH put three eggs inside the pot to cook. Pretend play always good to let the kids take the first step into the real world.


This Hut has a dollhouse and puzzles of various kinds to peak the creativity of your child. It even has story-books to help your child to get literate and practice honing their speech and vocabulary. Many interactive and colourful hardcover books are available for kids.

Mouse mommy also grabs a book and read together with MH. He is starting learn how to speak and pronoun the words. Learning stage… MH favorite song is Twinkle-twinkle Little Star and Happy Birthday song.

Choo Choo Train-tracks – All-Time-Favourite!

MR likes to play this Manual-Operated Train-Tracks that hones his motor skills and logical building skills. 

It comes with numerous tracks that MR can use to quench his imaginations.

Giant Jolly Heap Magnetic Blocks – Interesting Magnetic Blocks!

According to the Kidorealm, Jolly Heap Magnetic Blocks are the first in Malaysia and comes all the way from Poland. 

The blocks have soft yet strong magnetic features that are child-safe and provide endless possibilities for parents and children to build together and promote the close bonding relationship between the parents and kids.

Creative Colouring Zone

Children can use Kidorealm’s colouring sets that consist of Joan Miro Washable Markers or Silky Crayons to colour coloring worksheets that beyond their imagination.

Teaches children colours as well as hone their creativity. Sometimes, the teachers will guide the kids to do some artworks too!

Colourful Aquarium

A tank filled with colorful fishes of different kinds. Children can watch in amazement and learn about marine life. 

MH loves the swimming colourful fishes so much! He is following the flow of the fishes and sing songs.


This block-building wall teaches children logical building and basic physics. Children can learn how gravity works as they arrange blocks on the wall as tracks for the ball to fall down.

Besides that, Kidorealm also provides baby room service that breastfeeding mom can breastfeed baby in the room and/or changing diaper too.

In-house toilet also provided. Parents and kids do not need to walk out from the premise itself. So considerate of Kidorealm!

Kidorealm is also selling quality educational toys that cultivate children’s creativity and logical thinking. 

MR and MH like the Mideer Puzzle game. More exciting photos can click here to view Album 1 | Album 2

MR and MH play till Kidorealm close shop also do not want to go home. Ok ok, mouse mommy promises to bring you both here again…., provided must finished your homework and be a good boy. Deal?

Interested to get to know more about Kidorealm,

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  1. Wah.. look kids enjoy play here.. alaa.. if near from my house, nak je TB bawa my son pergi main dekat sini.. nampak menyeronokkan sebab parent pun boleh ada disitu untuk pantau anak-anak..

    1. ya, memang menyeronokan dan MR MH suka sangat tu! Nak pergi tukar diaper, menyusu ataupun nak pergi ke tandas pun senang. Semua ada kat dalam tu. Tak payah risau.

  2. Wowww my kids will love this. It also not far from mu home.Thank for the info.

  3. Whoa...looks like the kids are having fun!
    Ni kalau anak i pergi mahu diaorang tak nak balik.

  4. Nasib dah adulttttt, like this place is so dope you can play slides, blocks, sands and more things for kids. I'm so jealous that this place only host for the kids to play. Haha they should let us adult to play too. And sunway geo is near.

  5. Serius kakak suka environment kat sini. Masa Dania kecik memang ada bawa tempat macam ni untuk Dania bermain-main. Bestnya kalau ada anak kecik boleh bawa kat sini. Warna warna dia kat sini sangat menarik!.

  6. I know for sure that my nieces and nephews will not want to go home after bringing them here - so many activities to do with the kids. And the walls are beautiful too

    1. Definitely! Same goes to my 2 active boys... Play this and that, really can explore the whole Kidorealm! And both of them MR MH do not want to go home too!!! Till Kidorealm close shop...

  7. Wah Khaty i tengok pun i yang super excited tau .My kids pun suka buat aktiviti macam ni. Kalau dekat i bawa my kids datang sini. Yelah macam macam aktiviti sihat kids boleh buat My kids kalau main tak ingat balik

  8. The place look so fun for kids. And I just realized that their toys look appropriate for kids below 10 to play with. Not too extreme.

  9. Wah.. Ni nampak anak-anak i mesti dia suka. .Nak bawak didiaaorng la one day.. Nampak so much mainan dia. .belajar sikit. .lain dari yang lain. .Bab build tu farizamesti suka..

  10. Best tempat ni cantik dan kemas memang budak-budak suka lah hehehehe kita pun suka kalau ada anak buah akan bawa anak ke sini hehehhe....

  11. Seriously look so much fun and lots of educational thingy going on! Mama yang excitrd ni. Nampak mcm penuh dengan aktiviti, kalau pergi ni agak2 sampai tutup kidorealm jugakla kot. Insha Allah jika holiday boleh ke sini. Jauh sangat sekarang ni

  12. bestnya tempat ni..i suka tempat utk my kids yang clean dan yang penting terang. banyak jugak permainan yang ada kan... nnt nak la bawak my kids on weekend sbb the whole week busy belajarkan.. so boleh la bagi diaorg enjoy themself

  13. I tengok suasana kat sini pon rasa seronok dan suka. Apatah lagi kalau kanak2 kan.. Sebab byk yg boleh dipelajari kat sini dh nmpk lengkap dah.. Bg parents yg tak ada masa nk spent time kt rumah, boleh try ke sini confirm anak2 suka..

  14. Wow this is so fun! I'm pretty sure my kids are gonna have a pretty amazing time there! Can put this in the list when we go back home in KL

  15. vwaa... very . cosy and fun. I'm sure if my son around 3/4 years old he will definitely enjoy to come here. do they have birthday party package?

  16. i tak pernah dengar tempat ni...tapi memang nampak menarik...and rasa excited nak bawa anak-anak main at sini jika diberi peluang....anak2 punnampak sangat fun kat sini laa... hehehehe

  17. Wow, very nice place to spend with the kids. I love the decorations and facilities available here. Thanks for sharing, i will mark this place for next time visit KL.

  18. Waaaa.. Bestnya.. Ni bukan anak je teruja ni. Maknya pun akan teruja sangat.
    Pastu banyak permainan disediakan.
    So anak anak boleh explore sehabis habisnya..