Celebrating World Sandwich Day 2019 With Creative SKIPPY® PEANUT BUTTER Sandwich Making Workshop At DIY Bites Studio!

Happy World Sandwich Day celebrations! Mouse mommy was happy to join this SKIPPY® PEANUT BUTTER creative dessert sandwich workshop - Triple Treat Choc Sandwich at DIY Bites Studio.

DKSH Business Unit Consumer Goods, the leading Market Expansion Services provider for Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Asia, has partnered with SKIPPY® PEANUT BUTTER and DIY Bites Studio on the World Sandwich Day to celebrate the birth of this much beloved food item. The event took place at Setia City Mall in attendance of nine-year-old culinary prodigy Chef Leah Choy.

May Ang, Manager from SKIPPY® PEANUT BUTTER for DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Chef Leah Choy and Chef Jie Low with the many types of sandwiches created using SKIPPY® PEANUT BUTTER to celebrate World Sandwich Day.

With inspirational recipes specially created by the culinary experts at Skippy and DIY Bites Studio, guests were treated to a hands-on experience on how to transform an everyday sandwich into a gourmet dish by incorporating the delicious and smooth taste of Skippy peanut butter.

Sandwiches are simple in the sense that the only rule you truly have to follow to make a sandwich is that you need to put something in between two slices of bread. But great sandwiches constitute more than just an ordinary peanut butter and jelly. 

Great sandwiches balance protein, dairy, vegetables, sauces and bread into a perfect food item.

Sandwiches are a staple in any household or restaurant today. This versatile, on-the-go and easy-to-make food can be a balanced meal because it can include meat, vegetables, dairy products and sometimes even fruits. 

We share Skippy’s passion in inspiring people and are happy to celebrate this occasion with their iconic peanut butter brand,” explained Chua Chong Hoon, Vice President, FMCG, DKSH Malaysia.

Mouse mommy does not know that sandwich can have many different combination till attend this Sandwich workshop! 

Friendly Chef Leah Choy and Chef Jie Low have show us many different combination of sandwich making with multiple food ingredients and SKIPPY® PEANUT BUTTER.

The many types of sandwiches that were created by Chef Leah Choy and Chef Jie Low. The combination banana fruit with peanut butter is a perfect match that MR and MH love to eat it too at home!

MR was DIY his own sandwich at home. Love the nozzle that just nice attached at the SKIPPY® PEANUT BUTTER that allow kids to decorate their food and sandwiches, great for food art!

MR was happy and enjoy his SKIPPY® PEANUT BUTTER + Cheese + Biscuit = SKIPPY® PEANUT BUTTER Cheese Biscuit Sandwich, DIY done by Little Chef MR! 

Earle F. Rabe, Sales and Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific, Hormel Foods International Corporation, US-based food company that markets Skippy peanut butter, said: “The World Sandwich Day is a chance for us to shout our love for the simple but wonderful thing that is the sandwich from the rooftops. 

Together with Chef Leah and DIY Studio Bites, we want to empower Malaysians to eat healthy with Skippy, a well-known brand of peanut butter that is loved for its trusted quality, taste and nutrition.” More photos can click here to view

As a mom, mouse mommy was happy to see MR and MH enjoy their food and eat in nutrition way with healthy lifestyle! Cheers! Happy World Sandwich Day!

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