Join This Energetic SuperPark Malaysia SuperDayCamp This Coming School Holidays!

Happy school holidays kids! SuperPark Malaysia, the friendliest all-in-one indoor activity park originating from Finland, today introduced SuperDayCamp, a unique school holiday programme packed with exciting guided sporting activities. 

This camp promises one to three days of fun and happiness in a safe indoor environment to foster fitness, social-cognitive abilities and teamwork during the year end school holidays in November and December.

Mouse mommy and MR were happy to join this superb energetic and fun SuperPark SuperDayCamp this coming school holidays!

“Extending our core concept of the ‘power of play’, SuperDayCamp strengthens relationship, builds trust and supports self-confidence, giving children an early head-start in developing a strong foundation of important life skills

Certified by the Finnish Education Board, this day camp offers a multi-layered learning experience where participants can break a sweat while having fun in a social setting. 

It is conducted in an environment free from outside elements such as rain and heat, offering parents peace of mind on the whereabouts of their children this school holiday,” said Andes S.H Wong, Senior Marketing Manager, SuperPark Malaysia.

Do and Don't short video also showing in the SuperPark to educate the kids on safety while playtime. Safety regulations is adhere here. 

It was reported recently that more than half of Malaysian adolescents choose a sedentary lifestyle, preferring to sit for hours without any physical activities[1]. They are also increasingly reliant on gadgets as some have been using digital devices as young as two to three years old.

Speaking at the launch event, Charlene Marie Samuel, Director of Autism Behavioral Center and a trained Applied Behavior Analysis therapist said, “Active play time is crucial for a child’s overall development especially during their formative years. It allows them to learn important skills like problem-solving, working in teams, pushing boundaries, and adapting to new environments – all of which will be extremely useful as they grow older.”

Learn through play is always kids learning process. Let our kids to explore, experiment and experience the world! More photos can click here to view.

MR was really has fun in SuperPark Malaysia, wall climbing, slide, trampoline, balancing bike, kids gym, obstacles challenge and so on. All required kids’ problem solving skills, balancing, physical strength and cooperation to complete it!

Designed and approved by the Finland Education Board, largely regarded as one of the best education systems in the world, SuperDayCamp provides a gadget-free alternative for all children between the ages of four to ten years old. 

With a small 1:7 coach-to-child ratio, campers will be guided through a series of engaging play activities within the park to develop physical, mental and emotional wellbeing while making new friends in a supervised and fun environment. 

SuperPark coaches aim to inspire participants with the power of sports while giving them a boost in confidence, motivation and leadership to grow and be successful in school and in life.

Spend your school holidays at SuperDayCamp!
Children can attend either a one-day camp or a three-day camp throughout Monday – Wednesdays from 25 November 2019 to 18 December 2019

This tailored camp programme will start 9:00 am till 3:30 pm during the days of the camp. SuperDayCamp tickets purchased before 15 November will include a 10% early bird discount.
Ticket prices for SuperDayCamp
Early Bird Discount (before 15 November)
Ticket prices
1-Day Camp
3-Day Camp

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All SuperDayCamp participants will receive:
·      Certificate of Completion (endorsed by Education Finland)
·      Lunch (vegetarian option available)
·      Welcome Pack (SuperPark Branded Merchandises)
·      Limited Edition Camp T-shirt
·      Full-Day Access to SuperPark Malaysia after the camp session
*Any child below 8 years old must ALWAYS be accompanied and supervised by a responsible guardian (aged 18 or above) with paid and valid admission

Check out SuperPark Malaysia’s SuperDayCamp, please visit SuperPark Malaysia website at - 

Happy School Holidays to all kiddos! 

Interested to know more about SuperPark Malaysia,

[1] National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2017,  Available at:  (Accessed: 8 November 2019)

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  1. best gilerrrrrrrr aktiviti macam nih!!!

    1. Memang best! Semua jenis aktiviti sukan yang sesuai untuk kanak-kanak dan dewasa. Jika x silap mouse mommy, terdapat 26 jenis aktiviti sukan tau!

  2. Wahhh bagus sangat aktiviti ni untuk anak2, terutama untuk sepanjang cuti sekolah ni

    1. So lucky kids nowadays! School holidays packed with multi-talents, multi-thinking, multi-tasking and problem solving activities. Learn and self experience to be responsible and cooperation skills with friends.

  3. looks interesting, it sure can attract child to involve in fun activities instead of their gadgets.. but I also think that we used to climb trees and now they climb specially made wall with safety precautions 😂

    1. Yes, put down gadgets and work out physically, mentally and emotionally to join and complete the activities. Of course, follow Coach training and guidance also important to train the kids in self-discipline.

  4. bagus aktiviti mcm ni kalau cuti sekolah anak2 nanti. Takde la buang masa asyik main video game je. Bagus utk tingkatkan tahap ketahanan dan skill anak2.Harga pun berbaloi.

    1. Mouse mommy pun suka pelbagai jenis aktiviti yang ada kat SuperPark Malaysia’s SuperDayCamp ni. Besar dan peraturan keselamatan dijaga. Harga pun berpatutan.

  5. menarik superdaycamp macam ni bagus untuk anak-anak meluangkan masa terluang mereka hehe

    1. Mommy boleh bawa ank2 pergi join sekali pada cuti sekolah ni!

  6. Wahhhh.... Beruntung nya awak dapat join day camp ni. Seronok kita tengok. Aktiviti mencabar gini bagus untuk kanak-kanak.
    Nanti kita nak bawak anak-anak ke sini

    1. Terutamanya yang Trampoline tu lah, MR suka sangat!! Ya, mommy blh bawa anak mai SuperPark Malaysia’s SuperDayCamp ni, mesti banyak belajar.

  7. Wah kenapa masa saya kecil dulu tak ada camp mcm ni. Nampak seronok aktiviti2nya. Bestlaah budak2.

  8. Wah, happynya masing-masing. Banyak betul aktiviti menarik. Ok, boleh consider utk bawak budak-budak time cuti sekolah nanti.

  9. Interesting!!! Been finding for activities for my boys. Thanks for sharing

  10. Baguskan bila anak-anak dapt join aktviti macam ni. Terutama di waktu cuti persekolahan akan datang nanti

  11. wow another program untuk cuti sekolah which sangat bermanfaat kepada anak anak. this is superb. kalau lah semua state ada program macam ni memang awesome lah. harap dapat dikembangkan lagi ke negeri negeri lain.

  12. Amboi.. suka lah anak-anak kalau dapat habis waktu cuti dengan akltiviti di sini kan.. syoknya kalau tengok harraz dah besar.. boleh bawak join aktiviti like this

  13. Cuti sekolah mmang bagus bawak anak2 kat ini, sekurangnya mereka ada aktiviti nak dilakukan dari asyik main game or tgok tv aje.

  14. Wow interesting to do indoor activities like this. Some more now always raining. Better to stay indoors. And it looks fun too!