Kids Eat FREE At Nam Heong Ipoh The Starling During School Holidays!

Happy family dining moments at Nam Heong Ipoh, The Starling during this June school holidays!
School holidays "Mood ON", we are planning to explore the new shopping mall in town at The Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown. First of all, we must fill up our tummy first as in already reach there at noon time. The Starling Mall was large and spacious. We are walking around to search for yummy and children friendly restaurant. 

The crowd were waiting to be seated with queue numbers system. Yum... yum...
Promotion meal sets also available.
At last, we were attracted with a chinese restaurant at Ground Floor, Nam Heong Ipoh The Starling that crowded with people at the front entrance... hmmm... must be nice food waiting for us inside! We also wanted to be dine in too! Mouse mommy got a queue number at the front desk and waited about 10 mins to be invited to be seated. 

Love the nostalgic interior design of Nam Heong Ipoh The Starling outlet!
Mouse mommy and family love the traditional interior design a.k.a. oldies, feeling warm and welcoming. We can start ordering once we are seated. Nam Heong Ipoh The Starling outlet using ipad system that easy for ordering process. We can choose from the best seller, dim sum, toast and snack, noodles, rice, Nam Heong roasted, meat free series, in store promotion, beverages and desserts. 
Ordering by Ipad system - easy and systematic.
Mouse mommy had ordered Nam Heong Twin Mix Roasted Meat and Chicken Rice that consists of Char Siew and White meat chicken with rice, "keropok" and soup. The set rice was looks tempting and it is taste so good especially eat together with their in-house made ginger and chili sauce. Baby MH loves the "keropok" so much and directly taken from mouse mommy's plate! Ops... my little baby... not only that, he also eager to "taste" mommy's Vintage Nan Yang Coffee C... traditional Umph coffee with slight bitter taste. 

Baby MH loves the "keropok" so much!
Looks so tempting and yummy! It is!
Nam Heong Twin Mix Roasted Meat and Chicken Rice
Other than that, mouse mommy also ordered their Signature Nam Heong Chicken Hor Fun that the Hor Fun was delivered freshly everyday directly from Ipoh! Must try item! Mouse mommy loves the smoothness of the Hor Fun that cannot find at normal restaurant. The soup base also taste good.

Signature Nam Heong Chicken Hor Fun - The Hor Fun freshly delivered direct from Ipoh in daily basis!
Nam Heong Roasted Chicken Rice
Mouse papa had ordered his favorite Nam Heong Roasted Chicken Rice and Milo drink. The roasted chicken rice was roasted at the right temperature and just nicely matched with the rice and "keropok". Surprise of the day, the milo drink served in Nam Heong Ipoh was like our childhood Milo Van taste... so nostalgic and yet so tasty!

Vintage Nan Yang Coffee C and Milo Van taste - both brings me back to my childhood memories...
Another Surprise!! Kids can Eat Free at Nam Heong Ipoh during the school holidays! Wow! This can really save mouse mommy's pocket as in each kids below 12 years old will be served food for FREE! MR and baby MH got their kids meal of the day and enjoying themselves! MR had ordered his favorite green apple drink and he enjoy it so much!

MR favorite green apple drinks with his FREE kids meal!

Kids can Eat Free at Nam Heong Ipoh during the school holidays! For kids below 12 years old.
Dessert Time! Mouse mommy already spotted the Nam Heong Egg Tarts when walked in the outlet. Nam Heong Egg Tarts were freshly baked and served directly in the restaurant. The egg tarts were taste so original and one egg tart was inadequate. We had even take away for a box of six egg tarts. Must must must eat this egg tarts! Yum... yum...

MUST TRY Item! Freshly baked Nam Heong Egg Tarts! Highly recommended by mouse mommy.
Another dessert that served was Nam Heong Tau Fu Fah, mouse mommy was fall in love with it! How can it be so soft, smooth and taste nice! Mouse mommy eventually do not ordered this, Nam Heong Ipoh was served a free of charge dessert of the day whenever customer spend bill of a total of RM30 and above. Mouse mommy highly recommended this Nam Heong Tau Fu Fah, simple, original, smooth and taste nice! 

Must Eat Item too! Nam Heong Tau Fu Fah... smooth and nice to eat.
The Nam Heong Ipoh staff was friendly and offer MR a Nam Heong Childhood Snack pack with colouring piece behind the pack. Once MR done the colouring and hand it over to the counter staff, he will able to redeem a gift! So thoughtful of Nam Heong Ipoh staffs to keep my children busy while we dine in in the restaurant. Thumbs up!  
Friendly Nam Heong Ipoh staff, Joe hand MR a pack of Nam Heong Childhood Snack with colouring sheet at the back of the pack.
Wow! Many kids had enjoy their colouring session while dining in Nam Heong Ipoh The Starling. Haha! good to keep the children busy too while parents can enjoying our dining time :)
Once done the colouring and show it to friendly counter staff, the kids will eligible to redeem a surprise nostalgic childhood gift! So lovely!
We will definitely re-visit again for such a children friendly restaurant with delicious nostalgic Chinese foodies! Good old traditional taste under one roof!     

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