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Sajian Bijak Raya Kimball | How To Cook Creative Raya Menu And Dessert With Budget of ONLY RM100 ?

(From Left) Notable food writer and recipe developer, Chef Rohani Jelani, Category Manager, Campbell Soup Southeast Asia Sdn Bhd, Ms Tania Lee and local celebrity, Raja Azura, with the dishes cooked during the ‘Sajian Bijak Raya Kimball Cooking Demonstration.
Hari Raya is a time of celebration, but with the rising cost of living it can be a strain on Malay mothers as they need to allocate budgets wisely for a variety of Hari Raya essentials, such as spending on food, clothes and decor for this once-a-year occasion.

Kimball, a household name in sauces, pasta and other cooking solutions for more than 40 years in Malaysia, understands the issues faced by mums in hosting a Hari Raya Open House for family and friends in this challenging economic situation. Collaborating with recipe creator Chef Rohani Jelani, Kimball developed ‘Sajian Bijak Raya Kimball’ menu and recipes,to introduce a smart way to host a Raya spread while reducing hefty cost.

With a budget of only RM100, the delicious five-course Kimball Raya menu consists of two appetizers, two main courses and a dessert, that can heartily feed a party of 8.

With popular celebrity host Raja Azura (Kak Engku) and Chef Rohani, the ‘Sajian Bijak Raya Kimball’ cooking demonstration was held to showcase how RM100 can be stretched a long way to create delicious restaurant-like dishes for Raya.
(From Left) Raja Azura, or known as Kak Engku, and Chef Rohani Jelani live in action during the cooking demonstration.
According to Chef Rohani Jelani, Hari Raya dishes at many open houses can be predictable.

“It is almost always ketupat, lemang and rendang. Hence, I developed the menu for ‘Sajian Bijak Raya Kimball’ with Kimball not only to be budget friendly, but to also provide a tasty variety for Hari Raya Open House.”

For celebrity Raja Azura, or better known as Kak Engku, who is a mother of three, Raya is the time to showcase creativity as there are expectations to be met.

“On such festive occasions, guests will be expecting a great spread, while kids expect dishes that suit their palate.When you are a celebrity, the pressure is much higher to come out with a Raya spread that is more elaborate and unique.”

“This is what I like about the Sajian Bijak Raya Kimball – it is ‘lain dari yang lain’; very creative in the pairing of the dishes and the way it is plated. I am definitely looking forward to try the Kimball Chicken Masala, because it uses the Kimball Spaghetti Sauce, which is unique. My kids, family, relatives and friends come to my home expecting to be delighted, so this year, I can make this restaurant-quality meal, and serve it to them at home,” she said.

The Kimball Chicken Masala is tasty yet affordable, and will surely woo guests during the festive season.
These Sajian Bijak Raya Kimball recipes were specially created using quality Kimball products. The menu includes the unique combination of Kimball Festive Gado-gado and Kimball Stuffed Tofu Fritters as starters, Kimball Kerabu Fried Rice and Kimball Chicken Masala as the main course, and the distinctive Kimball Black Velvet Cake as dessert. Sounds interesting! Mouse mommy also want to learn up and cook for my family and friends. Yum... yum...

Kimball Festive Gado-gado, a traditional favorite is easy to prepare and would surely please the most picky-eaters.
According to Ms Tania Lee, Category Manager, Campbell Soup Southeast Asia Sdn. Bhd., Kimball understands that with the rising cost of living, mums are looking for effective ways to stretch every ringgit spent for Raya preparation.

“We developed the Sajian Bijak Raya Kimball recipes to help mums in stretching their budgets. With only RM100, mums can comfortably serve restaurant-like quality Raya dishes to their guests. With savings on meal preparations, mums can spend more on other Raya preparation such as ‘duit raya’ and festive clothing for the family, house decor and so much more,” said Ms Lee. Raya celebration really need to spend a lot, mommies can save a lot with creative, affordable and delicious home-cook recipes and homely feel for the kids and family! 

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