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Enrich Our Daily Fruit Goodness Intake With MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH !

Kicking off its very First MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Daily Fruit Goodness roadshow at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, the initiative aims to address the alarming low intake of fruits and vegetables among Malaysians. Mouse mommy agree that as in normally we only take our own main course and seldom fruits will be included or need to order additionally. 

The percentage of adults consuming the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables has been decreasing - currently, it is estimated that only 6% of adult Malaysians consume sufficient fruits and vegetables as opposed to 7.5% that was recorded in 2011. 

Mouse mommy and MR had attend the event. We had play some family fun games together such as golf ball, search for fruits, fruits stacking and photobooth corner! A family fun events that suitable for adults and kids!

Featuring the popular and friendly local celebrity and brand ambassador Lisa Surihani, the MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Daily Fruit Goodness roadshow is part of the company's efforts to educate Malaysians from all walks of life the importance of consuming fruits and fruits juices as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Surihani was happy to honoured to be the "face" of MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH for the third consecutive year now. MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH has always been a part of my life and remains a constant companion in our family household. MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH is a pasteurised fruit juice drink which means it is fresh and has to be refrigerated, otherwise it will go bad. It contains at least 35% or more fruit juice compared to 'long life fruit drinks' that could cointain as little as 5% juice content. It is the perfect complement to boost my family's daily fruit goodness alongside our meals at home and when I'm on-the-go. 

Michael Ong, Deputy General Manager, MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH also said that they understand the competitive environment that we live in today that everyone is always on-the-go. The Ministry of Health has also recommended that we consume at least TWO SERVINGS of fruits in a day. Our Daily Fruit Goodness roadshow is in support of the recommendation and MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH serves to complement the daily recommended servings for extra daily fruit goodness. It is convenient and it comes in its ready-to-drink packaging. 

At the recent roadshow at 1Utama Shopping Centre, a range of nutritious MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH juices in both Regular (a choice of nine flavours) and No Sugar Added Range (a choice of six flavours) fortified with Vitamins A, C, E and antioxidantswere made available for public sampling. Several shoppers also walked away with goodie bags and prizes won from the exciting games held throughout the MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Daily Fruit Goodness roadshow.

The roadshow saw fans of Lisa who gathered for a meet-and-greet and autograph sessionas well as a live talk show to share her life story as a mother of two who leads a busy and hectic schedule, and yet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“Being a parent of two beautiful children, my husband and I are more conscious about what our family consumes and we try our best to maintain a healthy lifestyle to set a good example for our children, especially with our busy schedules as working parents,” added Surihani.

Mouse mommy totally agree that maintain a healthy lifestyle is very important in this hectic life. Ops! MR love to drink MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH too!

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