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Superb Pirate-Family Fun Run With Yogood Junior Munch 'n' Run 2017 !

Ring...ring...ring ... alarm set at 6am and we are wake up and excited to join the Yogood Junior Munch 'n' Run organised by Yogood Junior at Bukit Utama Golf Club. This is a pirate and mermaid theme family fun run. Mouse mommy and MR had DIY our own pirate props three days ago prior to the fun run. So excited! 

Truthfully speaking, Malaysia has many running events, but not many on engaging activities primarily focusing towards family and young kids. Mouse mommy founds this Yogood Junior Munch 'n' Run by Yogood Junior and directly register for family as in this fun run will be conducted at The Club, Bukit Utama, green field under golf club. Must be really refreshing ya!  

Yo ho ho! We are ready to depart! MR keep on telling mouse mommy, Let's go! Once we reach there, the crew staffs welcoming us and guide us to the right place to kick start our pirate-run! 

We begin the fun run together. Little MR was so excited and full of energy! He can keep on running without rest... thumbs up! Mouse mommy was lack of stamina and unable to catch up his step... Luckily, mouse papa was here to back me up. Mouse papa was keep track with MR. 

Fresh air with nice green field along the running track keep us refreshing and of course snap many many selfie and wefie too with the nice scenery ! 

There are three pit stops available for us to have some refreshments of yogood junior cereal bar, biscuits and water before we continue our journey. So thoughtful of the organiser as in mostly we came in family with young kids. Thumbs up! Of course, MR love to munch his favorite Yogood Junior cereal biscuits that contains of cereals, iron and vitamins. 

Wow! A big thumbs up for MR that he could finished the 5km fun run without asking mouse papa to carry him... Awesome! There are many exciting family activities waiting for us at the carnival once we reach the finishing line.  

MR was attracted by the giant snake and ladder game and directly remove his shoe and join the team! A childhood game that we love to play at home that good for mathematics calculation. MR also got to know his new friends too!

After that, he plays at the giant inflatables at rock climbing and giant castle region. Wow! energetic and fun overloaded with kids......

Mouse mommy and MR loves cheese so so much!! MR was take part in the Bega cheese stick eating competition. 5 kids participants join in and the most fastest one finished the cheese stick will win.   

Another fun game was Yogood Junior cereal and chocolate biscuit sorting game. The kids need to use chopstick to segregate the biscuits accordingly. Haha! testing the kid's "chopstick" skill... Cool!

Mouse mommy and MR love to play the Bottle Ring Toss Game, happy-go-lucky game and we a Yoplait Petit Miam merchandise that consist of Faber Castell 3-in-1 watercolour pastels. Other than that, Yoplait Petit Miam also having great offers selling on the day. Kids that attend the Yogood Junior Munch 'n' Run can join "The Petit Miam Child Artist Colouring Contest" to win prizes too!

The futsal game quite challenging as in not easy to goal. Anyhow, is a challenge for the kids and parents too! Mouse mommy also take few participation to goal... haha!

At last, we take a happy and sweet moments of our family photograph at the Yogood Junior Munch 'n' Run pirate theme before we home. 

Really Thank You and Appreciate the main organiser Yogood Junior creating this out-of-the-box family run concept for family and kids to have sweet and healthy bonding time together! Most of the runs in Malaysia are catered for adults, but very little for young children. This is a good opt for parents to run with our children while enjoying the greeneries of the golf course. Since it is also enclosed, children can run around freely and safely. Kids having fun, parents feel happy too! Yo ho ho ! Here we are. 

Big Thank You to sponsor from Bega, Yoplait, The Chia Co, Ribena and UCC coffee to make the successful of this Yogood Junior Munch 'n' Run Family Fun Run event too! 

MR asked mouse mommy :"Mommy, can we join again next year for this family fun run? I Love it so much!" Yes! Of Course!! We are looking forward to join the Yogood Junior Munch 'n' Run next year!  

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