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MYCHAMPION For Kids | FREE Fun And Interactive CHAMPS Mobile App!

A fun and educational app that suitable for children has launch in Malaysia! Every young child has a little ambition, be it a specialist doctor or an actor. Many of us did not achieve our childhood ambition because we were unsure of how to realize it at a young age. In school, we used to fill up the ambition’s empty box mindlessly thus many hidden gifts and talents were not revealed due to the lack of support and guidance given.

CHAMPS, Malaysia’s household well-known child health supplement brand, always believe in nurturing champions since young. The brand’s statement “Mothers’ choice for champions” leads the brand’s initiative to provide the best in developing children’s growth mentally and physically from product offers to marketing activities.

In line with the Ministry of Education Malaysia’s vision, which is to uphold quality education system that develops individuals to their full potential and fulfills the aspirations of the nation, CHAMPS has proudly launched the first localized and educational mobile application- MYCHAMPION. “In CHAMPS, we believe every child is a champion in his or her own unique way. We also emphasize the importance of parents’ and teachers’ role in grooming our young children to achieve their ambitions. Mouse mommy do agree that children with mission and ambition will guide them in their grow up phase.

MYCHAMPION is a mobile application specially designed for children seven to twelve years old, it is an educational yet fun tool to help them understand and explore their ambitions through the digital platform,” Mr Billy Urudra, Chief Commercial Officer of CCM Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd said at the launch.

MYCHAMPION mobile application consists of 5 professions that are Doctor, Athlete, Celebrity, Pilot and Chef. Here the children get the chance to explore and learn about the different occupations in 5 various scopes. For example, in the Doctor’s profession, it starts with general science followed by knowing your body, tools of the trade, specialization as well as medicine and diagnosis. The content is designed with a series of interesting and mind-triggering questions to engage the children and help them to learn beyond the school’s curriculum. The ‘Did You Know’ section provides fun facts to help improve children’s understanding of each profession too. Cool! The kids will play and get to know some extra knowledge from it!

En. Shamsul Idham Ahad, General Manager of OTC Business, CCM Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd said that the Company was honored to team up with Watsons Malaysia for the strategic partnership in launching this mobile application. The strong presence of Watsons, being the largest health care and beauty care chain store in Asia is able to provide CHAMPS with the springboard to leap into digital marketing and strengthen their ties.

“We are delighted to be associated with an innovative yet educational initiative by CHAMPS, being a leading children’s vitamin brand for many years. At Watson’s Malaysia, our focus on health and wellness also extends to children, whom we believe are our future leaders. The MYCHAMPION mobile application facilitates parents and kids in ‘shaping’ their thinking process from a young age on how they would like to envision themselves in the future. With the e-commerce partnership, it encourages the MYCHAMPION application users to engage with the application, ultimately benefitting from the e-vouchers that Watsons Malaysia will offer as a ‘reward’ at online store ( Unleashing a child’s potential is key at a young age and a platform like the MYCHAMPION application facilitates that interactivity between parents and children in a fun and educational way”, said Caryn Loh, General Manager (Country Head) of Watsons Malaysia.

With this partnership, CHAMPS has the privilege to feature the exclusive Facebook contest where customers can win Virtual Reality set, special Champs promotion at Watsons and many more marketing activities to excite and reward the users. Furthermore, MYCHAMPION application will also be featured in The Star parenting section, Kuntum magazine plus school visits during the launch period. Watson’s vouchers have also been inserted in Kuntum magazine starting May 2017 until October 2017. These vouchers allow the users to purchase Champs products at Watsons Malaysia store at a special discount, as part of the marketing initiatives to attract children to download and use the educational application.

MYCHAMPION mobile application is available in English and Bahasa Malaysia that caters for children between 6 and 12 years old. It is completely free for download since 1st May 2017 in Apple store and Google play. Mouse mommy has been downloaded the MYCHAMPION mobile app via Apple store for MR too. He is enjoying exploring and experiencing the new interactive MYCHAMPION app with animals’ characters. Lovely!

CHAMPS is the Halal-certified children’s health supplement, trusted by mothers in Malaysia for over 30 years as the “Mothers’ Choice for Champions”. “Champs offer a wide range of products consisting of multivitamin, vitamin C and others with a variety of flavours and shapes. After being in the market for more than 30 years, there is no doubt to the benefits of Champs in nurturing Malaysian children, unleashing their potentials in multiple areas,” Mr Billy Urudra concluded.

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