Exciting SuperMom Contest And Challenge At The Mines!

The Mines shopping mall (The Mines) is organizing the inaugural iconic event “SUPERMOM” Mother’s Day Contest on 19 May 2018, 2pm to 6pm, at Level 3, West Court with the objectives of providing a fun and interactive session for the moms and their kid whilst instil the importance of housework sharing amongst the kids in conjunction of Mother’s Day celebration.

A total of 11 pairs moms and children are participating the contest, challenging their skills and speed of completing the assigned daily housework tasks such as cooking, crafting, sport, shopping, and health and beauty knowledge. The best mom will be crowned the “Supermom” and walk away with attractive prizes.

The contest is jointly organized by the mall and its retail partners of Oliver Gourmet, Beauty Secret, Fun Factory, Giant, Mr. DIY, Natural Health Farm and Starbucks. It was divided into 6 main sections – Meal Preparation skills, Crafting skills, Sport Challenge, Shopping Hunt and Health & Beauty related knowledge which will be held at different retail partner’s shop. A packed Mother’s Day activities with kids!

The contest starts with the Meal Preparation section at Oliver Gourmet (Level 3, East Court) where the contestants are required to prepare simple meal using the ingredients provided by Oliver Gourmet. The results will be judged based on the criteria of teamwork, time and food presentation.

Mouse mommy and MR has prepares our own Love Tree sandwiches with Ayam Brand Tuna, cheese, bread, grapes and banana. Our healthy meal was filled with balance nutrition requirement. Haha! MR loves it so much!

Second station will be the bonus stage at Natural Health Farm (Level 3, East Court) whereby the contestants need to answer 10 simple health and product related questions including searching for certain products in the Natural Health Farm store. The fastest team who answered correctly for each question will be rewarded with bonus points. Mouse mommy was managed to answer 3 questions. Many organic products can be found in the Natural Health Farm store.

The third station, Crafting section is held at Mr. DIY store (Level 4, North Court) where the moms need to work with their kid to create a string-art masterpiece. The kid need to sketch a Mother’s Day related artwork on a piece of paper under guidance and suggestion provided by the mom and thereafter the completed artwork will be transformed by the mom onto the given wooden board using strings & nails. The results will be judged based on the criteria of time, neatness, creativity and teamwork.

Mouse mommy was using the hammer and nails to create a STAR draft on the wooden board. 

MR was helping to use the colourful Mr. DIY sewing thread to transform become a STAR. After that, we also make a DIY MR wording on the board to represent Do It Yourself MR!  

The next station is the Sport Challenge section, at Fun Factory(Level 4, North Court). The moms are required to complete the roller skating track with their kid in their fastest time. They will be taught of the basic roller skating skills by the professional instructor from Fun Factory prior to the contest. The results will be judged based on time and teamwork.

Ops! This is the most challenging part. We do not know how to skate at all. Thanks for the professional instructor from the Fun Factory to teach us, at least we know how to stabilize ourselves by standing in a V-shape with both foot and slightly bend our both knees.

The contest is followed by another bonus stage at Beauty Secret (Level 1, East Court) whereby the contestants need to answer few product related questions in the Beauty Secret store. The top 3 fastest teams will be rewarded with bonus points.

The final station is the Shopping Hunt at Giant Hypermarket whereby the contestants will be given a list of grocery items that they need to search and collect all these items into their trolley in Giant Hypermarket within the given time. The results will be judged based on number of collected items and teamwork.

We are running, searching and hunting according to the given Giant shopping list. We only managed to get 3 items on the list. A fun filled and adrenaline rush SuperMom contest that we join and we won the consolation prize.   

After completed all the sections, the marks accumulated from all the contest sections will be summed up for winners’ identification. The champion of the contest will win RM500 worth of cash prize and hampers, products and cash vouchers worth over RM1,800.00 sponsored by participating tenants, while 1strunner up and 2nd Runner Up will win cash prizes worth RM300 and RM200 respectively and hampers, products and cash vouchers worth over RM900.00 and RM600.00 respectively. Consolations will win cash prize of RM50 with products and cash vouchers worth over RM200.00.

Congratulations to all SuperMoms! You are awesome! 

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