Guardian Malaysia Knows What Mom's Needs!

After being a mom, mouse mommy realized that every mom is a SuperMOM for her family. Why I say so?

As in mummy plays such an important role in a family. Multitasking mummy has to be a planner to plan time to cook, house chores, fetch kids, transportation arrangement, daycare and nanny arrangement, tuition time, playtime, homework time and so on. Sometimes, even mummy she got no time for lunch as in required rushing here and there.

Love the Nature’s Heart mix nuts that power up me while mouse mommy in rush to fetch kids especially caught in traffic jam. The healthy and nutritious mix nuts pack consists of almond, cashew and macadamia nuts that are great as snack to give me energy.

Mouse mommy also prepares the Nature’s Heart Oat and Raisins biscuits for MR and baby MH as their morning break snacks during school time. Handy, convenient, nutritious, cholesterol free and high in dietary fibre Nature’s Heart Oat and Raisins biscuits that my boys love it too! Thank You Guardian Malaysia that understands Moms’ needs!

Feeling honors that mouse mommy has attended an exclusive Guardian-MOM Sharing Session with Mr Alfonso Roderos (Popoy). Mouse mommy just got to know that there are 525 Guardian Own Brand products from personal care to household products.

Throughout the interactive, fun and brainstorming sharing session, mouse mommy got to know that we could get high quality Guardian Brand products with affordable price. Yes! This is what mom looking for!

As a mom, family and kids safety is always priority in my life. My two active and naughty boy MR and baby MH always knock here and there during playtime. Sometimes, they get injured and bleeding. Luckily mouse mommy has a Guardian First Aid Kit that always stands by at home and in car. Then, can use it immediately whenever there is emergency, trauma or minor injured as first medical approach before go to hospital.

My First Aid Kit consists of Guardian Waterproof Cartoon Plasters, alcohol wipes, gauze, scissors, bandages, cotton balls and Guardian Soft Wipes. It is convenient and with reasonable price. In my car, I keep the portable, small and handy First Aid Kit inside the car’s drawer to avoid direct sunlight contact as in sometimes we park our car in an open car park area. This can keep the medical dressing items in good condition. 

Mouse mommy was willing to spend for our family and kids. But, I also look for the value worthy products. The Guardian Kitchen Handwash with Citrus Lily was superb as anti-odor hand wash, suitable to use after handling fish, garlic and onions. No more smell!

As for health purpose, mouse mommy does consume the Guardian Vitamin B-Complex + Vitamin C + Mineral Effervescent tablet with water as in I admit that sometimes mouse mommy get inadequate Vitamin C daily intake. Vitamin C also know as ascorbic acid that keep us in healthy condition.

As for my two boys MR and baby MH, they love to eat the Guardian Kids Vitamin C Gummies, tasty fruity gummies coated with sugar. Yum…yum… 

Mouse mommy also want to be a pretty and fresh look mommy. One of the face mask that I love is Guardian HappyMask. There are 3 types of Guardian HappyMask Collagen Hydrogel Lace Facial Mask which is Moisturising, Brightening and Rejuvenating. Mommy got to takes some time to relax and pamper ourselves too. Mouse mommy loves the hydrogel with lace features as not easily tear off and feeling refreshing after apply it. 

Wow! So many useful and practical Guardian Brand products that is available in our home sweet home. Thanks for Guardian Malaysia that considerate family enquiry and MOMs needs. You are Awesome! Mommy can count on You! 

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