Ketupat Workshop And Wayang Kulit With Kids At Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya!

Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya (Paradigm PJ) shone light on shadow puppetry in conjunction with its ‘Panggung Raya’ Hari Raya 2018 celebrations. As part of its effort to restore the traditional art of Wayang Kulit, the iconic neighborhood mall spearheaded an unforgettable and fun-filled day out for some special guests.

The outing saw the participation of forty (40) underprivileged children aged between two (2) to sixteen (16) years old from Rumah Telaga Kasih. The children comfortably immersed themselves into the shadow puppet play against a traditional Terengganu Kampung backdrop. Throughout the 30-minute performance, the dalangs narrated various folktales and traditional epics through the interplay of light, shadows, action and traditional music.

Tan Boon Leong, Centre Manager of Paradigm Mall PJ, said, “As a neighborhood mall, we are honoured to be able to serve the community. This year, we have found a distinctive and unique way to spread the Raya cheer to all Malaysians, through the traditional art of Wayang Kulit. “

“The shadow puppetry was originated from the East Coast of the Peninsular Malaysia in the late 1800s. It plays an important role in our heritage and history. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to bring it back to the younger audience to learn about this unique art form. Wayang Kulit is a typical performance that can be enjoyed with your loved ones.”

Following the show, the children were given a workshop to understand the origins and how Wayang Kulit works. They were also given the opportunity to try their hands at operating the intricately carved puppets and played some of the musical instruments.

In addition, Paradigm PJ organised a buka puasa feast for the children and caretakers from Rumah Telaga Kasih. The children were also treated to a shopping spree, where they chose new Raya clothes and collected duit raya. The buka puasa was held at Pasar Baru, New World Hotel in Paradigm Petaling Jaya.

Mouse mommy loves the Smoked Tenggiri and signature mushroom soup. New World Hotel also having Ramadan buffet in this holy month.   

The Wayang Kulit, which is part of Paradigm PJ’s ‘Panggung Raya’ celebrations, will take place from 25 May until 24 June 2018, every weekend at 4.30pm. Patrons will also be able to watch special performances such as the Cak Lempong, a Minangkabau music performance every Saturday at 5.30pm and the magnificent silat performance every Sunday at 5.30pm. There will also be a Raya Dance, every weekend at 3.30pm. All these will be held at the Upper Atrium, Level UG.

Throughout the Raya celebrations, Paradigm Mall PJ will also feature Clay Art Workshop, Ketupat Workshop, and Kuih Raya workshop, every weekend at 12.00pm. Mouse mommy and Sherry also takes this opportunity to handmade Ketupat craft with the children together.

Additionally, shoppers will also have a plethora of Raya goodies to choose from as there will be a variety of Raya attires, cookies, carpets and traditional snacks on sale at the mall. 

Shoppers who spend a minimum of RM250 in a single receipt within the same day (excluding purchases made at Tesco, prepaid reloads, money changers and bills payments) will be able to redeem exclusively designed Raya lantern along with themed Hari Raya packets.

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