#WatsonsMalaysia #MisiIkhlasAidilfitri CSR Campaign With Senior Citizens At Darul Insyirah Centre!

In-conjunction with the month of Ramadan leading to the festivities of Hari Raya, it is timely and important to remind society to give back in many forms and ways. Watsons Malaysia has taken the opportunity to partner with the Darul Insyirah Centre for Senior Citizens through its #MisiIkhlasAidilfitri CSR campaign in-line with the upcoming festivities of Hari Raya. During the month of Ramadan, fasting enables Muslims to develop compassion for the less fortunate and to empathise with their hardship.

Hari Raya is a time to be with the family and to ask for forgiveness from the elders. The Watsons #MisiIkhlasAidilfitri campaign encourages anyone to share their mission on social media (Facebook or Instagram) and hashtag #MisiIkhlasAidilfitri and #WatsonsMalaysia. Watsons Malaysia will then donate 200 points (equivalent to RM1) to the Darul Insyirah Centre for Senior Citizens for every hashtag. At the end of the campaign, the Darul Insyirah Centre will be able to use the total accumulated points to be redeemable in cash value for the purchase of products in Watsons Malaysia. The Watsons #MisiIkhlasAidilfitri campaign has been running since 15 May and will end on 2 July 2018.

“At Watsons we are taking the lead to initiate and promote random acts of kindness to those who are less privileged or require help from society. It is timely in the month of Ramadan to remind the young to appreciate the elders, so we decided to partner with a centre for the elderly which is the Darul Insyirah Centre for Senior Citizens, where the centre has been housing and providing care for 60 senior citizens. By the year 2030, Malaysia will join a large number of Asian nations as an 'aging' nation. It is important to promote a caring society among Malaysians to help the elderly survive their golden years with dignity and independence.

At Watsons we advocate our customers to “Look Good, Feel Great” and feeling great does not refer to the material things that we possess but rather an emotionally fulfilling experience for you and your loved ones. For this Hari Raya festivities, our mission is to remind Malaysians to feel great first, hence, the ideation of the #MisiIkhlasAidilfitri campaign, by encouraging actions of good deeds with pure and honest intentions,” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia.

During the CSR buka puasa at the Darul Insyirah Centre for Senior Citizens, media, celebrities, guests and residents of the centre were entertained with a traditional ghazal and “live” nasyid performances. All guests who had attended were also encouraged to record their “misi ikhlas” and posting it up on social media with hashtag #MisiIkhlasAidilfitri and #WatsonsMalaysia. “Green packets” and cookies were also given out by Caryn Loh to the elderly residents.

“We are grateful and appreciative that Watsons has created this meaningful campaign that not only benefits our residents but promotes a caring society for the elderly. It is of utmost importance that the elderly are not forgotten or abandoned as they are aging. A lot of elderly people are actually having unpleasant feelings of solitude. So we should also teach the next generation to be more compassionate and caring towards the elderly and to bring joy into their lives” expressed founder and chairperson, Hajjah Asral Widad Ahmad Asnawi of the Darul Insyirah Centre for Senior Citizens.

Watsons Malaysia also showcased its “Misi Ikhlas Aidilfitri” short film at the launch that showcased the importance of being kind and sincere to ourselves and others. Watch here: https://goo.gl/nF5mzx

Watsons shoppers can look forward to an exciting line-up of Hari Raya ‘specials’ as below :
- “Jualan Mega Raya” up to 50% from now to 25 June 2018 at Watsons stores nationwide and at Watsons online - www.watsons.com.my

- Free raya green packet with purchase of RM50 and above, for Watsons members only.
(While stocks last)

- With any minimum spent of RM30 and a above on Watsons brand products, a Watsons
member will be entitled to 1 entry (Watsons Elite with 2 entries) from 15 May – 16 June 2018 and stand a chance to be one of the 10 winners to enjoy an all paid Hari Raya open house with special appearances of Watsons celebrity friends Fasha Sandha at the winners’ house. More info at: www.watsons.com.my/promo-rayaopenhouse

- #OOTDiva by EL Redemption Program :
With any minimum spent of RM20 and above in a single receipt, Watsons members will be eligible to collect a sticker and receive additional bonus stickers when purchasing items from any participating products. Watsons members can also redeem products from the Watsons #OOTDiva by EL Collection, from as low as RM19.90.

Applicable for purchases at any Watsons store nationwide and at Watsons online store, during the period of 24 April to 25 June 2018 (in West Malaysia) and 2 May to 2 July 2018 (in East Malaysia). There are a total of eight beauty accessories that Watsons members can redeem and purchase from the #OOTDiva by EL Collection. More info at: www.watsons.com.my/ootdiva

Everyone can do their part to contribute and make a difference this Hari Raya festivities by participating in the #MisiIkhlasAidilfitri #WatsonsMalaysia
More details can be found at http://www.watsons.com.my/promo-misiikhlas

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