TERBALIK / UPSIDE DOWN | Malaysian Multi-million Dollar Deal Film Project For 34 Countries Worldwide | Ivanhoe Pictures and 42nd Pictures Sdn Bhd

Malaysian Award-winning, production company renowned for Nota, 42nd Pictures Sdn Bhd, founded by Yasu and Bea Tanaka, has officially announced their agreement with Ivanhoe Pictures, a Hollywood company, for their film, TERBALIK/ UPSIDE DOWN, a Malaysian feature film, today at FINAS Hulu Kelang – Pawagam Mini P.Ramlee. This deal has made Malaysian history as it signifies the first of its kind to achieve this feat. 

TERBALIK / UPSIDE DOWN is an original screenplay written by Yasu Tanaka, the director and writer of NOTA. The film NOTA nabbed the Best Screenplay award for Festival Film Malaysia 2016 (FFM28) while Maya Karin, playing the lead actress role, won the Best Actress award for Anugerah Skrin 2016. 

This is a fantastic achievement! Have you wonder what is about script writing? It is not an easy job as in script writing need to transform your idea into words and able to express fully your concept. That is not the end. The words in the script must be able to "communicate" and "deliver" the ideas properly. Wow! an eye-opening for mouse mommy! 

Ivanhoe Pictures read the script of TERBALIK / UPSIDE DOWN during Hong Kong Asia Financing Forum (HAF) 2017 and has acquired the remake rights for it in 34 countries which includes North America, France, United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Spain, Latin America, India and Vietnam. The production of the remake movies based on TERBALIK / UPSIDE DOWN’s original screenplay will commence with United States of America in 2018. 

Ivanhoe Pictures (an SK Global company) is a motion picture and television financing and production entity, which develops, produces, and acquires content for a global audience. Besides producing (with Fox International Productions) last year’s Korean hit movie THE WAILING, Ivanhoe is partnered with Beijing Hairun Pictures on CBA star Stephon Marbury biopic MY OTHER HOME, which premiered at the 2017 Shanghai International Film Festival and released in China on August 4. Ivanhoe is also currently in production on the motion picture adaptation of CRAZY RICH ASIANS, directed by Jon Chu, which will be released worldwide by Warner Bros. in early 2018. 

John Penotti, CEO and President of Ivanhoe Pictures, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with 42nd Pictures on their remake of TERBALIK / UPSIDE DOWN. We’ve just spent a year in Malaysia preparing and shooting our major motion picture “Crazy Rich Asians” and we had a terrific time in Malaysia.” 

“Yasu and Bea (Tanaka) have become friends and our business colleagues and with the remake of UPSIDE DOWN (TERBALIK), we’re going to get an opportunity to continue our work with our Malaysian partners,” stated John. 

The TERBALIK / UPSIDE DOWN ideas involved in human physiology's challenge and engineering calculation as well to make it works!  

Although TERBALIK / UPSIDE DOWN has yet to be produced, 42nd Pictures affirms that the storyboard has already been set. The film has managed to garner the Aurora Media Producing Award, securing them SGD20, 000, during the South-East Asia Financing Forum (SAFF) 2016 held in Singapore. TERBALIK / UPSIDE DOWN has also made it into the shortlist for Hong Kong Asia Financing Forum (HAF) 2017 – being the only Malaysian project out of the 24 projects to be shortlisted this year. 

TERBALIK / UPSIDE DOWN, a fully Malay-language movie, has a potential value of RM12 to 16 million with agreement from Ivanhoe Pictures. This movie is a horror thriller that depicts the story of an actor who gets trapped in an upside-down car wreckage in the jungle and is tortured by a group of sadistic boys. TERBALIK / UPSIDE DOWN will be produced by Bea Tanaka and directed by Yasu Tanaka, starring Bront Palarae. The event was graced by Dato’ Azmir Saifuddin Muthalib, Deputy Director General of FINAS and Dato’ Mahydin Mustakim, CEO of Creative Content Association of Malaysia.

Congratulations! We are proud of You! Another great milestones for Malaysian film industry towards international and global exposure! 

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