Lets' Join Lifebuoy #High5forhandwashing Campaign For Our Children! Support!

Lifebuoy is committed to teach this lifesaving habit good hygiene habit– handwashing with soap - to five children for every picture uploaded on social media with the hashtag #High5forHandwashing. “Through our High 5 for Handwashing programme, we are targeting to collect 200,000 High5s thereby committing to teach 1 million kids handwashing in 2018,” said Vincent Chong, Marketing Director of Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd

Lifebuoy has partnered with more than 140 celebrities and key opinion leaders globally to amplify the handwashing messages and more than 5,000 of Lifebuoy’s employees visited schools to mentor children with proper handwashing habits. The campaign has also broken the Guinness World Records for High 5-ing.

In conjunction with the 10th Global Handwashing Day, Unilever Malaysia’s leading health soap Lifebuoy is running its biggest celebration with its ‘#High5forhandwashing’ campaign to encourage handwashing behaviour globally. The #High5forhandwashing campaign aims to celebrate clean hands, where members of the public are encouraged to upload a High-5 photo on their social media platforms to raise awareness amongst Malaysians about proper hand hygiene habits.

Hands are one of the most common mediums to spread germs from one person to another. Most hygiene related health problems are spread through a simple touch. With High 5 for handwashing, Lifebuoy is encouraging people to have the confidence to High 5 and adopt a simple hand washing habit to prevent hygiene related health problems.

Mouse mommy totally agrees that hand hygiene plays important role to avoid cross infection happens. Many diseases can be avoided with correct handwashing technique and everyone care about hygienic. This is everyone responsibility as in bacteria and virus were not detected via naked eyes!

Since 2015, Lifebuoy as a purpose-led brand have initiated a community program named “Mentor Tangan Bersih bersama Lifebuoy" which encourages hygiene efforts among early childhood advocators in Malaysia to benefit the community. The program involves dedicated teachers, caregivers and mothers with a purpose to foster hygiene habit cultivation in children, as well as to improve children’s adherence to good hand hygiene practice. 

In partnership with the local state education department, the program has benefited around 150,000 children in 3,063 schools to date, by training them to develop handwashing habit with soap with participation from 5 states including Selangor, Johor, Melaka, Pahang and Negeri Sembilan.

“Behaviour change is fundamental to achieving the goals set out in the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, we have been committed to inspire people to adopt everyday behaviour to improve the health and wellbeing of people. We are targeting to change the hygiene habits of one billion people including parents, school children, caregivers and communities globally by 2020 through the simplest practice of handwashing with soap as one of the most cost-effective ways to prevent hygiene related health problems,” he said.

Mouse mommy has start teaching MR and baby MH everytime before and after meal and toilet break. We practise it in daily basis and handwashing already become normal habit for our family. Mouse mommy was happy that Lifebuoy supports in this handwashing campaign to encourage and teaching everyone including adults and kids to aware of the importance of taking care hand hygiene. Kudos!

MR has teach mouse mommy step by step on how to handwashing in correct way in order to make sure the whole hands area was covered with soap and each part of the hands area to wrist area was wash and clean properly. Well done boy MR that doing a great job!

We are here High-5 together to Support the Lifebuoy #High5forHandwashing campaign! Great move!    

Parents are important agents of behaviour change in a child, hence it is important that parents demonstrate and reinforce this behaviour at homes, because children learn by observing their elders. In view of this, the idea targets to ingrain the habits of handwashing among children as early as possible to effect a change in deep-rooted hygiene habits. 

“Inculcating handwashing behaviour at a very young age requires parents or caregivers to set a right example to their children and family members, thereby improving the health and economic well-being of the nation.” he said.

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