Mission Accomplished! Superheroes Successfully Save The Kidzathon Land With Koby!

Mouse mommy and family were joining Kidzathon “Heroes In The City” at Desa Park City. A unique and interactive family run event that not to be missed! The little superheroes were dressing in their favourite superheroes costume such as Spider-man, PJ Mask, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and so on.

The event flagged off at 7:30 am, parents and children between the ages of 4 and 12 running through four stations along the 2km route to collect badges that represent their super powers in order to save Kidzathon land’s city, from villain Dr. Nab. Parents and kids were a part of the adventure story that needs our heroic participation in order to defeat the villain.

Mouse mommy and MR also noted many useful healthy tips along our run! Educate us the importance of breakfast intake, the important of calcium and so on. So thoughful of the Kidzathon organiser! 

Each station represented a characteristic on the children’s badges in order to save the Kidzathon Land. For instance, at the Earth Revival station, kids learned to first care about animals and the environment so they can earn their CARE badge from this station.

Throughout the stations, all parent-child teams participated in dramas, performances, magic shows and action packed activities while meeting superheroes related to their badges which symbolise CARE, being CONFIDENT, having COURAGE and the ability to CONCENTRATE before receiving their own medals to take home. Each team comprised one child and either one parent or two parents who assisted the child in their mission.

At the last station named “Awaken the Guardian Within”, kids will do activities that taught them to focus on the task so they earned the “CONCENTRATE” badge at the station’s challenge. All the stations are set up as chapters of an exciting story where the kids and parents were participating. Kids were asked to be pay attention and concentrate by doing some physical activity task in order to awake the forest guardian.

All parents and children each received a specially designed Kidzathon medal that symbolises togetherness and unity. Such unique designs of the Kidzathon medals that combine both parent and kid medal together! Mouse mommy and MR love it so much!

There are about 1,000 little superheroes at Desa Park City teamed up with parents to “save the city” at the second Kidzathon, an event that gets children and parents running outdoors amidst beautiful urban greenery on an exciting mission. Such a great effort by the organisers - Urban Health Sdn Bhd and HANKidz Zone Sdn Bhd! More photos can be click here to view.

This year 2017, Kidzathon was managed to hit its target of getting over 2000 participants after its inaugural event’s overwhelming response last year at the same venue.

Kidzathon “Heroes in the City” 2017 event was made even more significant as the Chairman of Malaysia’s National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN), YBhg. Dato’ Hajah Mariam Mas Bt. Yacob and its Director General, YBhg. Dato’ Dr. Siti Norlasiah Bt. Ismail were officiate at the pre-launch of National Family Month 1Malaysia 2017 for November 2017.

Dato’ Mariam came on behalf of the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, YB Dato’ Sri Rohani Abdul Karim who had to attend to her duties in Sarawak. The ministry’s emphasis in November is on the unity of families through bonding activities that Kidzathon is privileged to embody the value of strengthening familial ties.

During the press conference, Dato’ Mariam exuberated her enthusiasm at parents coming out together with their children for meaningful activities that builds familial bonds. “I hope the kids find meaning in the badges that they collect today,” she said, referring to the heroic values badges the kids have to collect in order to save the city. Dato’ Dr. Siti Norlasiah said she was impressed that Kidzathon is a good way where parents can encourage their children towards goals. “We must have activities with values,” she said. She also addressed the challenges of parenting and abuse in today’s fast paced digital environment with the media.

For CEO of Urban Health Sdn Bhd, Aiveen Wong, Kidzathon is about meaningful, quality family time: “We are glad that Kidzathon is able to provide a platform for parents to bring their kids out from home for exercise, learning and have bonding time. We believe Kidzathon participants will bring home unforgettable memories and values after today’s event.”

Coach Hanky, the CEO and founder of HANkidz Zone Sdn Bhd, an educational and children leadership development centre, together with his creative team and volunteers, have dedicated many months designing the fun, character moulding storyline, games and planning the elaborate execution behind the scenes for Kidzathon.

Great moments in life sometimes don’t come by default but by design. We designed this moment for the children to experience a meaningful morning with their parents while learning some important leadership principles here in Kidzathon 2017,” said Coach Hanky.

Thirty special needs kids and their parents also had the time of their lives joining in the fun outdoor adventure. Special needs children seldom have the chance to play alongside normal children so their invitation to join Kidzathon was a cherished opportunity by their families, made possible by ParkCity Medical Centre’s sponsorship.

The Kidzathon “Heroes In The City” 2017 is supported by the National Population and Family Development Board along with the Malaysian Paediatric Association. Kidzathon’s venue partner is ParkCity Club Management Berhad while ParkCity Medical Centre is its medical service partner, along with official apparel partner Beyond Ultron Sdn Bhd, and media partners Malay Mail and LEBIH.

Kids also saw their favourite animated character when BoBoiBoy appeared at Kidzathon. Simultaneously, the Kidzathon carnival saw booths for free children’s health checks, a kiddies’ mini obstacle course, giant bubbles, sand art, puzzle-solving games, photo booths for children and food galore.

The event concluded with lucky kids who were awarded the Ten Best Superheroes Costume prizes for their extra effort in dressing up as superheroes by accessorising on top of wearing their Kidzathon running t-shirts. Each child went home with a MHealth Kids’ Watch worth RM399 each, sponsored by MHealth Management Sdn Bhd.

The happiest part was children went home together with heroic values and priceless memories. MR was keep on sharing with mouse mommy that he has ‘successfully’ save the penguin family and Kidzathon! Yes! Mouse mommy was really proud of you that we did it! We are greatly anticipation towards next year’s Kidzathon event!

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