Attractive Robocar Poli Toothbrush Series For Kids!

Oral hygiene is important for our well being. Asking my kids to brush their teeth become an issue for me as in sometimes they are reluctant to brush their teeth. Mouse mommy was become headache and no choice got to figure out some method to encourage the kids to brush teeth and the importance to keep our mouth hygiene.

Mouse mommy was browse through 11street and found Pulse Shop was selling Fun Alive Figurine Cartoon (FAFC)– Robocar Poli Figurine Kids Toothbrush and Robocar Poli Suction Kids Toothbrush that origin from Malaysia.

As Robocar Poli is a well-known brand & widely accepted by kids globally, the toothbrush’s designs will gain popularity among the kids due to its uniqueness and key features such as 100% Virgin Resin, Single Tapered Soft Bristle & Non-toxic Painting. Ops! That is one of the favourite character for MR and baby MH. I am sure they will like it!

Mouse mommy also feeling safe to let my kids MR and baby MH use it as in non-toxic painting toothbrush.

Robocar Poli starring four main character, Poli, Roy, Amber and Helly, known as the capable rescue team. The story begins in Brooms Town, a small town with a capable rescue team who offers immediate help and carry rescue operation. In each episodes, the rescue team will solve different kinds of on going accidents at the same time educating the kids the do and don’ts. The message and value the rescue team carry in the episodes had build Robocar Poli’s image in every kids heart. MR and baby MH love the Robocar Poli so much!

Hehe! This is how mouse mommy tackle MR and baby MH to brush their teeth on their own. MR was get attracted by the green colour Helly helicopter and he brushes his teeth everytime after wake up from bed as practise nowadays. 

Baby MH also got attracted with the Robocar Poli toothbrush series and design, he choose the Roy toy toothbrush and act to brush teeth as his brother MR. Hmm… good practice to start brush teeth on his own. 

Ops! The toys are removable from the toothbrush itself. MR and baby MH loves it so much! Can brush teeth and play at the same time.

Figurines kids toothbrush series come in 4 different attractive and "removable" characters which is Helly, Amber, Roy and Poli. 

Suction cup kids toothbrush series with suction cup that allow the toothbrush can stand aloneon itself.

Mouse mommy loves the features of the kid toothbrush too that come with PBT high quality anti-bacterial bristle and design to prevent plague, gum disease, gingivitis and bad breath. The soft and fine toothbrush bristle allows MR and baby MH to gentle brush and clean their teeth. Mouse mommy was so grateful that they can take up the responsibility to brush their teeth on their own and become a daily routine habit.

The FAFC– Robocar Poli Figurine Kids Toothbrush and Robocar Poli Suction Kids Toothbrush are now officially available in AEON nationwide. 

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  1. Aww comelnya.. kids must love it

    1. yup, really cuuuttieeeee... both my boys love it! You may bought it via online 11street / Lazada.

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  3. These look so lovely I'm sure baby Bing would love to own these