Lam Soon Giving Out RM110,000 Duit Raya Via Raya Fiesta Berganda Contest! Grab it!

Ramadan is almost upon us, and with it comes the cleansing of the spirit, body,and the thorough home-cleaning before Hari Raya.

Understanding the pressures of rising costs of living especially when preparing for the festive season, Lam Soon’s home and personal care brands have come together to delight consumers with the Raya Fiesta Berganda contest that offers 416 prizes over 13 weeks, including 390 weekly prizes of RM100 each,  21 special prizes of RM1,000 each and five grand prizes of RM10,000 for a total of RM110,000 in duit Raya! The contest commenced on April 2 until July 2, 2018.

The participating Lam Soon brands for Raya Fiesta Berganda include Antabax, Malaysia’s number 1 Halal antibacterial personal care range[1],bio-home a range of eco-friendly home cleaning solutions made from biodegradable and plant-based active ingredients, Orchid feminine wash, May and Fruitale personal care ranges as well as ZIP and Labour household aids.

The Raya Fiesta Berganda contest is so easy to join as most households will be buying these products regularly:Purchase RM20 from any participating Lam Soon brands in a single receipt. Then name any three Lam Soon brands that are participating this contest. Simply Whatsapp your entry to +6012.526.3391  including your full name, IC number and answer. Attach a photograph of your receipt with your entry for verification purposes.If the RM20 purchase receipt includes two or more participating brands there is the chance to win one ofthe 21 special prize of RM1,000! So happy that while I shop for my daily personal care and household products, at the same time, mouse mommy could join contest to win cash prizes! Jom Join and Win!

According to Mr. Francis Ng, Senior General Manager of Household and Personal Care Department, Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd’s Marketing Division, the company aims to reward consumers for their support of its quality brands.

“We understand that preparing for the festive season can strain household budgets as there is so much to buy. Our products are year-round necessities for households and individuals to maintain home and personal hygiene. The festive season is the best and most meaningful time to delight them with cash prizes that can go towards their other expenses and make the celebration even more memorable,” said Mr. Ng.

Hygiene and Cleaning Tips for Ramadan!
Use Antabax bath range as it provides 24 hour protection from 99.9% of harmful germs, while keeping skin moisturised and refreshed. Antabax Fresh is our favourite shower cream and love the antibacterial features especially for mouse mommy that work in healthcare. I do not wish to bring home harmful germs that might infected my family members and kids.  

Bio-home Kitchen Cleaner is an eco-friendly, cleaning agent made from 100% plant based active ingredients that is tough on even ground-in grime and grease yet gentle on skin - ideal to clean up kitchen surfaces after Sahur or Iftar cooking. 

Women can conveniently take care of their feminine hygiene using Orchid feminine wash that contains traditional herbs of manjakani, kacip Fatimah and daun sirih with a balanced pH of 3.5 for a gentle yet effective intimate hygiene.

The Antabax travel kit of antibacterial hand sanitiser spray, antibacterial hand sanitiser gel, antibacterial wipes and shower cream is on-the-go cleaning at any time but especially useful for balik kampung. Simple and convenient for mouse mommy with young kids too!

For a speedy yet thorough refresh of the living, dining and kitchen floor between the many visitors this Raya reach for bio-home’s eco-friendly floor cleaner in the Asian scents of lemongrass & green tea as it is no-rinse and non-toxic.

To cut through tough grease and stubborn stains such as turmeric, ZIP dish wash liquid is powerful, economical and gentle on hands. Practice ‘clean-as-you-go’ in the kitchen and the dining area to avoid stacks of pans and dishes.

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[1]*Nielsen MAT April ’16, Medicated Liquid segment

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