A Festive Season Dinner Date At Bintang Revolving Restaurant, The Federal Hotel KL !

The Federal Hotel, the first international class hotel in Malaysia, was the first hotel with a revolving restaurant Asia, which inspired many other countries within Southeast Asia to follow suit, making the hotel itself an idol to many other hotel operators internationally. It was also the venue where many important occasions we held for foreign dignitaries and overseas guest back in the days, thus you can imagine how meaningful The Federal Hotel is towards Kuala Lumpur.

Now, with recent renovations being made to most of the facilities at The Federal Hotel, they have not forgotten to revamp their menu for the Revolving Bintang Hotel as well. The Bintang Revolving tower is the first revolving restaurant in Malaysia located on the 18th floor of the hotel.

With an amazing view that changes while you enjoy your meal, there is no doubt that the view will be worthy with its 360 dining experience at the Bintang Revolving Restaurant with Kuala Lumpur City view. A great venue was dedicated for festive celebration especially on Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentines Day. Bintang Revolving Restaurant caters up to 160 pax for dining and opens nightly from 5pm-12 midnight.  

Mouse mommy was so exciting and a little bit motion sickness when I step in as in its move while we dine. The motion sickness feeling was gone after the friendly waitress served me welcome compressed juice drink.

After that, mouse mommy and friends were taking nice photos around the Bintang Revolving Restaurant!

The day view and night view of the Bintang Revolving Restaurant was nice and able to view through the whole KL city view while dining with our loved one! Such a special moments that must not to be missed!

Mouse mommy was having the Avocado Crab Meat as appertizer. So thoughtful of the chef that put in the Avocado sauce. The whole combination of the salad was nicely blend and delicious with fresh lettuces.

Mouse mommy loves the Bintang Revolving Caesar Salad so much! Lettuce with crispy beef streaky, chopped egg, anchovies and smoked salmon. Perfect match and delicious!

Mushroom soup was served after the appetizer. Mouse mommy was enjoyed the mushroom soup so much! The mushroom soup that served was a mixture blend of fresh shitake mushroom, oyster mushroom and crimini mushroom. Each spoonful of the creamy and rich mushroom taste was really indulgence! Highly recommended. 

Another soup that I having was Provencal Creamy Lobster Bisque Soup. It is cooked with local lobsters and prawn, seasoned with prawn broth. For seafood lover would be love it.  

The Grilled Mustard Rack of Lamb was juicy and nicely marinated. The lamb was seasoned with rosemary spices served with black pepper sauce and baked vegetables. The lamb that I had here was perfectly made to be medium rare. It was thick and juicy in every slice and the lamb just melts in my mouth. Love it!

The Salmon Fillet on Barley Seeds with Baby Spinach was nicely cooked and was not too dry as it was seared with the extra virgin oil and secret puree sauce. The portion was generous. Mouse mommy loves to eat salmon as in good for our heart.

Kids would love to eat spaghetti especially my boys MR and baby MH. Mouse mommy loves the unique of Spaghetti with Prawn Creamy Salted Egg. A mouthful of the creamy salted egg with curry leaves spaghetti was makes me surprise! Yes! A truly fusion of Italian and Malaysian style of spaghetti that was available at Bintang Revolving Restaurant. A bit spicy ya.  

Why the burger looks in black colour? Ops! It is a Charcoal Chicken Burger Deluxe. The Charcoal Chicken Burger Deluxe is served with salad and fries on the side. The grilled chicken patty was superb juicy and nice in flavour! A delicious juicy charcoal burger that mouse mommy recommended too. 

A nice dinner date with family and friends at Bintang Revolving Restaurant in this festive celebration! More photos can click here to view.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!   

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