Review | New Year Purifying Facial At Luminous Beauty Parlour!

A new beauty centre found at Plaza Arkadia named Luminous Beauty Parlour. There are facial, pedicure and manicure gel services available. Mouse mommy went to Luminous Beauty Parlour for facial. 

Once I walk in, the luxury interior design and lighting was WOW me and feeling pampered. There are two rooms available for facial with single bed occupancy for privacy. So thoughtful of the beauty consultant! 

An open area with well-equipped items that required for pedicure and manicure gel. Many colourful and fancy designs pedicure and manicure gel available here. 

The beauty consultant was weIcome me to change my shoes and walk in to the facial room to change my clothes. A cup of warm tea was served to warm me up. The beauty consultant was good in informing me each steps before she perform the facial from cleansing to finishing. 

All the facial products range using here was Babor brand. Babor Basic Care supplies the skin with the most essential active ingredients and gives it an all-round, well-cared-for appearance. Babor products were safe and suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin users too. 

The beauty consultant was perform the purifying facial for me. She was gentle cleanse my face and follow by enzyme exfoliation to remove any residue dirt on my face. The enzyme exfoliation was great as in it can exfoliate my skin “without pain” for white and black head. Those stubborn acne or deep black head still required extraction, but only few spots required as in majority already cleared by the enzyme exfoliation. 

Eyebrow shaping service also provided. She was applying the high frequency machine to work as anti-bacteria function for my face. The most part that I love were lymphatic drainage and point massage on my face, detox and feeling relax. The beauty consultant knows the stress point and the right facial massage techniques. 

Charcoal soft mask was applied to soothing and cool down my face afterwards for about 15 minutes and I were pampered with shoulder massage at the same time. Mouse mommy loves the shoulder massage that really helpful and relax as in my shoulder does freeze up with many computing work in daily basis. Haha!

Ops! I eventually take a nap while in this 2 hours facial. The beauty consultant wakes me up after she has applied the sun protection moisturizer. A bright start up to continue my day! 

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