New Ayam Brand™NutriSUP | Traditional Natural Goodness Nutritious Asian Soup in A Can !

Ayam Brand™ is delighted to introduce NutriSup, the latest addition to its family of high-quality, healthy, convenient, preservative-free and no added MSG, ready-to-drink straight from the can, food offerings.

There are three NutriSUP variants to choose from; Chicken Chunks with Lotus Roots and Goji; Chicken Chunks with Tea Tree Mushroom; and Chicken Chunks with Burdock and Goji. Pressure-cooked, the chicken meat is tender and juicy while the soup retains much of the nutrients and goodness from the lotus roots, goji, tea tree mushroom and burdock.

The chicken used in NutriSUP is hormone-free and antibiotic-free for ease-of-mind. The new Ayam Brand™ NutriSUP range is certified Halal by JAKIM.

Ayam Brand wants more people to enjoy nutritional soup packed with traditional natural goodness, just like grandmother and mother make, but with the convenience of being ready to drink from the can. Ayam Brand™ is a household name in Malaysia and much of South East Asia for 125 years.

Open your NutriSUP can, lightly warm,and it is ready to consume, filled with natural goodness and as tasty as what mother used to make.

The root of the lotus flower is considered a delicious and nutritious snack in Asian cuisine and is a frequently used herbal remedy[1]. It is traditionally used to improve digestion, reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, promote blood circulation, and maintain proper enzymatic activity in the body[2].

Many food experts term goji berries as a superfood as it is low in calories, fat-free, a good source of fibre and has antioxidant properties[3].Rich in protein, goji berries are high in complex carbohydrates[4] that take longer to breakdown thus reducing the risk of sudden sugar spikes. Goji berries are traditionally used to boost immunity[5] and are said to improve memory and development[6].

Scientifically known as Agrocybe Aegerita, its Chinese name, translates to Tea Tree Mushroom. It has a chestnut-like taste and its usage dates back to the Greeks and Romans. Tea Tree Mushroom contains more potassium[7] than most vegetables and fruits. Potassium can help maintain normal heart rhythm, fluid balance, muscle, and nerve function[8]. Traditionally, tea tree mushroom is consumed by the Chinese for the stomach health, and to ensure the spleen is well nourished.

Native to northern Asia and Europe, burdock root has been used for centuries as a holistic medicine to treat a variety of conditions, including as diuretic and digestive aid[9] as it is a good source of non-starch polysaccharides such as inulin, glucoside-lappin and mucilage that help act as a laxative[10]. It is also known for its great blood, bone and nervous system building and as it has purifying properties[11].

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