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GOO.N FRIEND I Baby's Bum Bum Buddy!

GOO.N Baby Wipes and cuite design of Penguin case.
GOO.N FRIEND diapers packaging design was catchy as in the Doraemon and Dorami both were mouse mommy's favourite childhood animation characters. GOO.N FRIEND baby disposable diapers was manufacturer from Elleair International (Thailand) Co. Ltd., Thailand with Japan quality. 

Mouse mommy was a bit shocked when try out to stretch the diaper's waist region because the diaper was extra elastic and flexible comparable with the current diaper brand that my little baby MH wearing. 

GOO.N FRIEND pants diapers that claimed that suitable for day and night use. Mouse mommy had try out and figure out that eventhough baby MH pee more at night time than day time, but GOO.N FRIEND still in tip top condition that able to absorb more urine and no leaking issue. (This is the most important part, as in mouse mommy do not wish to clean up the mattress in daily basis.) 

Post pee by baby MH
All Products from GOO.N.
Baby MH's bum also having healthy skin condition, no redness and no itching happen. Healthy Skin, Happy Baby ! Seems like baby MH happy with the GOO.N FRIEND disposable diapers !    

GOO.N FRIEND disposable diapers with features of high absorbency, elastic stretching size, fluffy soft, better air flow and easy to tear and change help parents to taking care baby's gentle skin. 

Healthy Skin, Happy Baby !
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