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Review : Jonlivia S+ Hotpants I Mummy's Workout Partner !

Jonlivia S+ hotpants is my best workout partner with little time spending and able to achieve sweating phase. Mouse mommy just spend about 30 minutes to have some stretching and my body has sweat and wet the Jonlivia S+ hotpant and fully absorbent. kudos! 

Sweating ! 
We as a mother that busy with many chores and sometimes really really got no time to workout especially with young kids below 3 years old. My baby loves to be hugging and cuddling and this will end up mouse mommy need to pay more attention to him. 

Mouse mommy was happy that get to know Jonlivia S+ hotpants that able to play roles in effective workout in short timing and most important, I feel comfortable by wearing Jonlivia S+ hotpants. 

Mouse mommy was wearing XL size of Jonlivia S+ hotpants and its nicely fit me. Jonlivia S+ hotpants was made in Taiwan that 100% genuine with 85% Neoprene and 15% Nylon. It is very easy to take care as in just hand wash with water 30 degree celsius and below will do. After that, just hang to air dry will do. Do not iron, bleach, tumble dry and dry clean.  

Jonlivia S+ hotpants' fabric was soft, airy and elastic that able to nicely fit our body couture. The design of Jonlivia S+ hotpants was modern that able to wear it for workout as well as office wear. The most important is mouse mommy was feeling comfortable when wearing it and able to wear in longer hours for better result. 

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