Hyruan ONE | Korean Technology For Osteoarthritis Treatment

Hyruan ONE injection only required ONE injection for osteoarthritis treatment !
Mouse mommy was recently doing some information searching on knee pain treatment and found out many information. Let me share with you. Viscosupplement is a treatment using Hyaluronic Acid (HA) or Sodium Hyaluronate to replace diseased synovial fluid and to restore the visco-elasticity loss in the knee joint caused by osteoarthritis (OA).

For over 16 years in Malaysia, treatment with viscosupplement is generally safe and effective. Many brands and formulations have evolved, whether using different source of HA, different level of HA concentration, high or low molecular weight, cross-linked or non-cross-linked formula and is even used concomitantly with blood derived plasma product.

Viscosupplement such as Hyruan ONE, is a single injection HA, formulated using latest technology, non-avian source (not from chicken source), cross-linked and high molecular weight, high HA concentration that comes with an affordable price. My father was complaining about frequent knee pain recently and mouse mommy was looking for suitable and affordable price of treatment for my father’s knee pain.
So thoughtful of the Hyruan ONE injection package that include A Guide For Knee Exercise. Thumbs up! 
Mouse mommy has discovered a new Korean technology of Hyruan ONE and is able to reduce pain, improve joint mobility and to regain the quality of lifestyle. Hyruan ONE is cross-linked, high molecular weight and high HA concentration to provide both good resorption and cushioning effect for joint protection and pain reduction. Mouse mommy was happy that Hyruan ONE is formulated using latest technology, non-avian source (not from chicken source) to ensure patients with no allergic reaction to avian proteins. It is a newer and more affordable option compared to similar products in the market.

Mdm. Chin, a HyruanONE patient was sharing her feedback that “I felt much improvement on my knee joint after 3 weeks and I’m happy that I’m taking lesser pain killer medications day after day”.

Other than that, mouse mommy was figuring out details and information for my father and would like to share it out to community that needs the information as well. Hope it is helpful!

Am I suitable for Hyruan ONE treatment?
If you have been diagnosed with knee OA and you have tried many pain medications or other intra-articular injections (like steroids or low molecular weight HA) but still unsatisfactory of the pain relief and its side effects, you are a candidate for Hyruan ONE.  Please check with your doctor or any orthopaedic surgeon about this treatment.

Pn. Khalidah, a Hyruan ONE patient has claimed that “I’m a teacher and walks a lot and my knee hurts, I feel much better after the injection of Hyruan ONE”.

How long does the pain relief last?
In general, you may start to feel the gradual pain reduction 2-3 weeks after the treatment and the most pain reduction can be felt after week 10 to week 14*. Pain relief duration varies across patient to patient depending on severity of the knee OA stage and other factors. For mild to moderate stage, it may last between 6 to 12 months. Some patients may experience good pain relief beyond 12 months**.

Reference:*HyruanONE Phase III Study (LBSA0103), **Based on experience of some doctors familiar with HA Injections.

Any side effects?
The common and temporary side effects reported are redness, warmth, swelling and injection site pain. These side effects will normally go away after 48 hours post-treatment. If it happens to you, you may put a cold patch over the area and reduce joint movement for the next 48 hours. If the side effects persist for more than 7 days, please visit your doctor for further examination.

What do I expect during injection?
Experienced doctors with intra-articular injections procedure will ensure you have minimal discomfort during the injection. The doctor will normally use some local anaesthetic to soothe the sensation during injection. Most of the time patients will not feel the sensation during injection and the procedure can be done in less than 5 minutes. After which the doctor will mobilize your joint a few times to get the Hyruan ONE distributed evenly in the joint. You may walk like normal after the injection. It is advisable to rest and reduce movement for the next 48 hours.

Mdm. Chua, another Hyruan ONE patient shared her experience that “my knee pain goes on and off and sometimes very painful and stiff especially just woke up from sleep, I’m glad that this Hyruan ONE injection helps a lot”.
Hyruan ONE injection that available in medical centre.
The product is manufactured by LG Chem Ltd (formerly known as LG Life Sciences), a large multinational bio-pharmaceutical company based in Korea. Yes you read it right it belongs to the same parent company LG Corporation whom we are more familiar with their high end OLED TVs and washing machines in Malaysia under LG Electronics division.

Hyruan ONE is currently available in most private and government hospitals in Malaysia. Please take note that the procedure of injecting any HA to the joints must be done by qualified doctors such as orthopaedic surgeons. Hyruan ONE is indicated for OA of the knee, hip, shoulder and ankle. Wow! Mouse mommy was thinking about my father’s knee pain and this HA injection could be helpful and never thought that it can be applied for hip, shoulder and ankle too!

In Malaysia, Hyruan ONE is distributed by PhilosMed Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

For more information of Hyruan ONE,
Website                    : www.lgchem.com
Distributor                : PhilosMed Marketing Sdn Bhd
Company Address : N-12-16, First Subang Mall, Jalan SS15/4G, Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor.
Contact Person        : Chan 019-473 1319

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