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PABLO Mini Matcha and Mini Cinnapple Cheesetart Great For Dessert Cravings !

Mouse mommy was fancy about cheese so much and of course cheesetart too! Have you try out Pablo cheesetartPablo was having their new flavour now available in the store which is Pablo mini Matcha and Pablo mini Cinnapple. 

The Pablo mini Matcha was taste a full mouth of Matcha and the lovely Matcha soft cheese filling was just great and delicious to eat. Pablo was pay attentive in the making of Matcha cheesetart. Mouse mommy can taste the nicely blend of Matcha powder with the soft cheese filling that come from Japan. Feeling Love. The Pablo mini Matcha is available now in Pablo. 

The Pablo mini Cinnapple was taste a mixture blend of cinnamon with apple. The blend was generously spread on top of the cheesetart. When mouse mommy take a bite of it, can feel two texture of it which is solid crunch of cinnaple and the soft spread of soft cheesy filling. The Pablo Cinnapple was available for a seasonal period which is from 01 April 2017 till 31 May 2017 only.

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