Grab My Yummy Thai Tea At Mon Chaang Thai Tea!

Thai tea, also known as Thai iced tea is a Thai cold or hot drink made from tea, milk and sugar. It is popular in Southeast Asia. If you never try before, you definitely must try Mon Chaang Thai Tea at LG2 Orange Concourse, Sunway Pyramid that is near AEON food court.

Mon Chaang Thai Milk Tea is made from freshly brewed tea leaves that directly imported from Thailand with condensed milk. We can choose the sweetness level and ice level too. It is available in hot, cold and ice blended.  

Mon Chaang own more than 1500 stall in Thailand, if you often travel to Thailand, you must had spotted this Thai Tea by Chapayom too. 

Mon Chaang serves 15 different types of drink, with the affordable price range from RM4.90 Hot, RM5.90 Cold, and RM6.90 Blended. Mon Chaang Thai Tea got 5 signature drinks – Thai Milk Red Tea, Thai Milk Green Tea, Thai Milk Rose Tea, Thai Milk Tea & Coffee (Cham) and Thai Lime Red Tea.

Mouse mommy has ordered for Thai Milk Rose Tea. It taste like our local “sirap bandung” with rose flavor and milky taste. Ladies will love it.

Thai Milk Green Tea tastes milky with green tea flavour. Green tea lover will likes it. Thai Milk Coffee blended was just nice.  

MR was request for chocolate drink (Kid loves chocolates so much!) and ordered Thai Cocoa via Mon Chaang friendly staff. The staff was child-friendly and recommends us some snacks that imported from Thailand too.

Mon Chaang also offers combo sets for hot tea 236ml with 1 Thai snack in RM9.90, cold tea 650ml with 1 Thai snack in RM10.90 and blended tea 650ml with 1 Thai snack in RM11.90. MR and baby MH want it and snacking while the staff prepares for our Mon Chaang drinks.

Thai Cocoa that served was really KAW with cocoa and it taste superb nice! MR and baby MH finished it by themselves. Mouse mommy was only eligible to taste two sips only. Can mommy have more please, boys? Cocoa lovers sure like it.   

Thai Milk Tea and Coffee (Cham) ice blended was highly recommended by mouse mommy. The KAW combination of Thai milk tea and coffee was really good and smooth taste when it blended with ice. Love it so much! More photos can click here to check out.

I will definitely grab a Cham ice blended whenever I shopped at Sunway Pyramid. Yummy!

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